What is Vertical Gardening?

We shared some plants we love to have in our condo units, but we realized it doesn’t really speak for those with a mean green-thumb. Some people enjoy gardening and fear that they’re missing out on so much when they move to a condo. In actuality, there’s really a lot of gardening/plant maintenance you can do if you’re up for it.

One of the latest trends is vertical gardening, where you can have a beautiful garden on your balcony/terrace without it taking up too much patio space. Here are some examples: Continue reading

4 Plants We Love For Condo-Living

Green-thumbs rejoice! Just because you live in a condo doesn’t mean you have to give up your plants and gardening. In fact, there is so much you can do to satisfy your hobby – from vertical gardening to container gardens. Or you can just decorate your home with really cool plants. The possibilities are endless, but here are some plants we love for condo living – we’ll go back to container gardening when the weather gets warmer.

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Home Decor: Neutral is the New Black


Home decor is one of our favourite things to write about. How your home is decorated speaks volumes about your personality, style and living habits. For example, if you like antiques then some may think you’re a little more traditional. Sleek and clean designs screams modernity. We’re not picky, we like it all as long as it looks good. For those who are just starting to decorate their homes, or planning their potential new home, then starting off with the neutrals might be your best bet and you can go either modern or traditional with your scheme.

Here are some tips you should look into if you’re thinking of going neutral: Continue reading

Partners in Sustainability: Other Sustainable Residential Buildings from Around the World

Building green and sustainable buildings is definitely a trend that’s here to stay. We pride ourselves on developing residential buildings that are not only easy on the eyes but also great for the environment and future generations. We’re not the only ones who believe this is important – in fact, there are several residential buildings around the world that also have many sustainable features.

Here’s a few: Continue reading

Sake in the City: The Best Sake Bars in Toronto

One of our favourite weekend things to do is go for some really good Japanese food. We can’t get enough of sushi and sashimi, and find ourselves checking out every single spot in and around our favourite neighbourhoods. And no sushi meal is complete without a good bottle of sake.

Sake is an alcoholic beverage from Japan that’s made from fermented rice. It’s made from a brewing process, not unlike that of beer, but contains a much higher percentage of alcohol than both beer and wine (undiluted sake contains 18%-20% alcohol). Continue reading

How Bazis Builds Sustainable Buildings

We’ve been so enamoured with talks about condo design, wooden buildings and the ever-popular transit versus debate, that we’ve almost forgotten to talk about our own projects! Well, in case you’re wondering – everything is right on track at our various sites, but we are definitely excited for spring! This isn’t going to be a construction-based post, but rather a post highlighting how we build sustainable buildings and why we do it. Continue reading