6 Colourful Buildings from Around the World

March 24th, 2015

Spring has sprung and we’ve got bright colours on our minds! Splashes of colour here and there are definitely our thing, but these bold, beautiful, and super colourful buildings from around the world sure are eye-catching and unforgettable.

International Management Institute, Kolkata, India: When does class start? If this building doesn’t entice you to go to class, then we’re not sure what will! The beautiful building was designed with both the youth and nature in mind: the mismatched colours in no particular order symbolize both the “vibrancy of youth” and “the unpredictable nature of the sky.”

10996112486_14a822b999_kVia The Vanceva World of Color Awards 

Dexia Towers, Brussels: You definitely don’t need an app or TV to determine the weather if you can see the this tall skyscraper in Brussels. Equipped with almost 100,00 LED lights, the tower doubles as a weather forecaster – every night the tower lights up telling everyone who can see whether it will be sunny or rainy the next day.

1466811845_761dcafec4_bImage via Marc Wathieu

Carabanchel Building, Madrid: Does it look like your five year old made this with LEGO? We love the bold colour blocking panels on this building.

5705443958_a2aba0aa31_b-2Via Wojtek Gurak

Pixel, Melbourne, Australia: Not only is this building super fun to look at, it’s also energy efficient! Sustainable initiatives include locally-invented wind turbines on the roof to generate 100% of the electricity used by the building and a smart-facade that regulates sunlight entry into the building.

4933947955_2d2839b6fa_bImage via CharlieVDB


Palais des Congres (convention center) Montreal:  Right here in Canada, we have our fair share of colourful buildings including this conference center in Montreal. It’s a cool building with modern facilities, contemporary architecture and plenty of natural light – perfect for 9 AM meetings!

2521285142_ec7edcf700_bImage via Ayngelina

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Hilversum: This building opened in 2007 and it’s been the talk of the town ever since! Housed within the very colourful shell is a museum, an archive of Dutch radio and TV-history, and some administrative offices.

871282869_b914879d59_bImage via Rogiro

What do you think? Would you live in a bright coloured home? Have you seen any that we missed on the list?