Sweet Design Trends for Condo Owners

April 3rd, 2018

The rules of interior design tend to change, although they change more slowly, evolving over time. Thank goodness, because staying on trend is hard to do!  Your condo should be a reflection of your own personal style, so here we present some of 2018’s ‘sweetest’ interior design trends.

Hues of Purple

condo living room purple

This year’s Pantone colour is Ultraviolet, so look for bold hues of purple and blue around the home.  You can celebrate this colour in so many ways. Look for it in wall coverings, art, rugs and in plush furnishings.  

Bright purple might be a little too wild for a permanent fixture, but to stay on trend, try a feature wall paired with a neutral.

And, if committing to purple is just too much, think accessories or even an assortment of flowers in a simple glass vase.


Natural is Always On Trend

condo bedroom

Make your home an absolute escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, by incorporating foliage into the home.  At its’ simplest, you can engage this idea by throwing open the patio doors and inviting the outside into the home, and the indoors, out.  Add a variety of houseplants to add a fresh, clean feeling to your home.

But don’t stop there, try botanical textures and patterns in wallpaper and textiles.  You can also use natural materials to add a touch of nature, such as wood floors and furniture, and jute.


Colours in the Kitchen

kitchen design

It seems trendsetters have had enough white on white, and are venturing into colourful territory. The new look incorporates saturated colours such as jewel tones into kitchen cabinets. The look is often paired with a lighter colour or white.  To pull this off, let colour be the bold statement, keep accessories, pulls, countertops and lighting minimal.


Gold, Vintage Brass and Rose Gold

dining area in a condo

A more modern look for metallics, stay away from stainless, and brushed chrome, and look for softer tones of gold, vintage brass and rose gold.  These colours won’t be dated when paired with more modern fixtures and furnishings with clean lines and few embellishments. The look is elegant and surprisingly contemporary.

To incorporate this look, try switching up lighting and accessories, first.


Down To Earth Pastels

bedroom condo

In keeping with the trend of naturals in the home, try the new pastels, that are earthy, not playful.  They incorporate terra cotta, peach, paprika and iced coffee tones, slightly chalky and soft. Play these colours up in furnishings, wall colours and accessories like table runners, pillows, and woven throws.


Modern Vintage

transitional kitchen

The Modern Vintage look is a delight for the sentimentalist at heart.  This rewrites the rules, allowing you to show off your favourite vintage finds or family heirlooms, surrounded by your finest contemporary furnishings.  

You’re limited only by your imagination, and your ability to source cool vintage items that are always in fashion. In order to keep your space looking modern, and avoiding kitsch, keep the balance of furnishings current, and add only your favourite flea market treasures.


Soft Velvet Curves

velvet sofa

The linear shape of furniture has softened. Look for rounded corners and shapes to take the place of last year’s square.  The look is comfortable and luxurious in velvet and other plush fabrics that are tufted.