Luxurious Living Spaces and Pre-construction Condos Downtown Toronto

Over the course of the last two decades, Toronto has experienced a transformation in its landscape and skyline. BAZIS has played a large role in that redesign, setting ourselves apart from other real estate developers.

The focus at BAZIS has been on designing luxurious living spaces with the utmost attention to detail; living spaces where expression through design meets human interaction. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in every facet of the residential and commercial real estate development process. Being able to successfully combine visionary architecture and design with marketing and construction, has turned BAZIS into a reckoning force in pronouncing the city’s landscape. The commitment to crafting every project with exquisite attention to detail goes hand-in-hand with corporate integrity and responsibility.

Based on this commitment, BAZIS can rewrite Toronto’s urban story; creating contemporary luxury condominiums and homes located in prime neighbourhoods throughout the city.
Unique architecture and high standards of luxurious finishes are reflected in past and present projects which include: Bartley TownsCrystal Blu, Emerald Park, Exhibit, eCondos and 1 Yorkville and Queen Church. Each of these developments is crafted with exquisite design, superior location and elaborate amenities.
BAZIS understands the mindset of today’s urban buyers. Creating luxury condo developments in some of Toronto’s most sought after locations, that are always unique in design and outstanding quality has put BAZIS in a class of its own.


Why Invest in Toronto Real Estate and Pre-Construction Condos?

The city has recently gone through a revival in its architecture. This is due to the fact that various structures created by well-known architects were finished in the latter part of the 2000’s.

Toronto is expected to soon have the greatest concentration of high-rise condominiums worldwide. Young single professionals between the ages of 25 and 35 prefer to live in the city’s downtown core, where the condo market has boomed during the past fifteen years. New pre-construction condos will continue to boost Toronto’s development, competitiveness, and standard of living.
When buying a pre-construction condo in Toronto, you have an opportunity to customize your future residence or investment property. You are able to select your desired floor plans and finishes to best suit your tastes and lifestyle.

BAZIS has built its reputation on quality new condo developments and townhomes in the Toronto area with unique architectural designs and high standards of finishes.