5 apps to help you be more eco-friendly

It seems as though the ‘there’s an app for that’ joke will never get old. Why? Because it’s true! Whatever you may need, want, or haven’t even thought of yet is at your fingertips. You want to quit smoking? There’s an app for that. You want to understand the Pokemon Go phenomenon? There’s probably an app for that too. Looking to become more eco-friendly? With climate change becoming an ever increasing issue in our lives, and the call to take action growing stronger, now is the time for individuals to become more accountable for their eco footprint, and to take steps to do better. Don’t worry – there are lots of apps for that. Here are a few highlights. Continue reading

How It’s Done: Framing

Last month, we published our first blog post in our new series: How It’s Done. We think it’s important that you fully understand just what goes into building a condo, especially if you’re someone who’s moving into one in the next little while, or someone who simply just wants to learn about it. Our first blog post in the series was about shoring, where we explained the process of supporting the underground walls of a building with props, or shores. This week, we take a look framing.  Continue reading