Inspiring Design for New Condos from the Interior Design Show

Toronto’s Interior Design Show shapes the industry for the upcoming year, showcasing the latest trends in design and decor, and attracting interior design professionals from all over North America.  

This year, we noted some emerging trends to inspire you with your own home or condo.   Continue reading

Signature BAZIS Style, Better by Design

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The name BAZIS is synonymous with exciting architectural and lifestyle design.  A BAZIS condo is a thrilling addition to the city skyline, incorporating colour, shape and texture to create a memorable and timeless impression.

With foresight and intelligence, BAZIS carves a new space in Toronto’s thriving condominium market. A BAZIS condo is artistry, and the canvas is Toronto.

Like anything, a glimpse of what’s outside attracts, but it’s what’s on the inside that compels your continued attention.  Let us show you the many facets of our Signature BAZIS style.

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Holiday Dining Experiences in Toronto

Celebrating the holidays in Toronto is an entirely different experience from everyone, as some prefer to head south for fun and sun.  If you find yourself home for the holidays though, we promise you; there’s everything to enjoy about the season right from your downtown Toronto condo.  Stay local, and head out to these Toronto favourites for your holiday meal. Continue reading

Building Toronto Luxury Condos for Well Being

Over the past five years, Toronto’s real estate market has grown to be the one of the hottest in North America. With more and more projects on the go to keep up with increasing demand, it’s tempting for condo developers to settle for second-best. However, this hasn’t been the case for Toronto based developer BAZIS, whose luxury condos have been the subject of much acclaim, setting a new standard in design and ingenuity. Continue reading

Thanksgiving for Condo Owners

Thoughts of Thanksgiving seem to conjure up images of heavily laden harvest tables, where scores of guests gather to break bread.  However, this traditional image might appear contradictory to condo living. In reality, condo owners still have the opportunity to host a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.


Anyone who calls one of our luxurious Toronto condos home has the means to do this. With exclusively-designed, European-inspired kitchens, complimented by Wolf, Sub-Zero and Miele appliances, make meal preparation easy.  Spacious penthouse suites are equipped with features such as a caterer’s kitchen and dining room while other suites offer streamlined, functional kitchen spaces that open into entertainment areas.


Residing in a smaller unit doesn’t eliminate the opportunity for hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, rather it increases the possibilities for being creative. Furniture can be rearranged or moved out altogether (for example pieces can be moved into the bedroom) to accommodate dinner guests. Furnishings can also be re-purposed for use in other ways! For example, lay a sheet over a long coffee table and add pillows for seating. Push together other pieces of furniture, like desks and dresser to create an accommodating dining space. Need more counter space? Open up an ironing board whose surface is designed to withstand heat, for items fresh from the oven.


Rather than hosting a sit-down dinner, consider hosting a cocktail-style reception in your home! Arrange food buffet style so that guests can help themselves, for a more casual setting. Set up seating like stools, chairs & pillows and sofas, for guests to sit and enjoy if they prefer.


If the thought of having a large number of people in a small space is intimidating or you’d like the holiday celebration removed from your home altogether, each of our residences feature spacious party rooms that provide kitchen spaces along with dining and lounging areas to accommodate festive functions.


Thankfully, Toronto condo owners can enjoy a turkey dinner just as anyone else would.