Townhomes vs. Condos: Do You Know the Differences?

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When buying a new home in Toronto or any other urban area, many of the options on the market are either townhomes or condos. These two types of housing often elicit many questions from potential homeowners and bring up many points of confusion, especially when it comes to homeownership and shared/communal spaces. This blog post will break down the differences between townhomes and condos and will help you determine which one is best for you and your family.

First things first. Most people understand that townhomes (or townhouses) are individual houses that are built side by side, with one or two walls of each home being shared with the home next to it, whereas condos are a type of home that are often an apartment within a larger complex or building (although they can take other forms, including townhomes!).

Here are some important differences between these two types of home:


With a condo, you own the interior of the residence (your unit) only. Exterior parts of the residence, such as the building itself and the outdoor grounds, as well as communal areas such as gyms, party rooms, and rooftop BBQ areas, are owned by the condo association. Condo associations represent the condo owners and their interests. They’re run and funded by the condo residents and also have boards of directors. The role of the boards is to organize regular meetings, establish and maintain budgets, and enforce rules and regulations relating to the condo. If you’re a condo owner, you, therefore, are a joint owner of the communal and common areas. This means you will have to pay a monthly fee.

New townhomes in Toronto can be either freehold or condominium. If they’re freehold (like our upcoming Bartley Towns community of new luxurious townhomes at Eglinton and the DVP), that means that you fully own the house and also the land on which it is built, as well as any yard or deck surrounding it (similarly to how homeowners of detached homes own their homes and yards outright). Freehold townhomes do not have any monthly maintenance fees.

Condominium townhomes, by contrast, do not include land ownership. Similar to the condo apartments discussed above, residents only own the interior of their home, and the land on which the home is built – as well as the common areas surrounding it, if applicable – are jointly owned amongst all owners. This ownership is again managed through a condo association and involves a monthly fee.

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Legal Statutes

Condos are governed by legal statutes, whereas townhomes are not. This means that condo owners have less autonomy since they’re subject to the bylaws outlined by the condo corporation. Residents may not be able to make changes to their homes and may face restrictions regarding the type of exterior decorations they’re allowed to put up, whether or not pets are allowed, rules regarding common areas’ use and open hours, garbage and recycling rules, and also whether or not they’re allowed to rent out their home.

By contrast, owners of freehold townhomes are entirely free to do whatever they like with their homes.


Condo owners generally experience a lower level of privacy, especially condo apartments, since they live in close quarters with many other residents and share communal entrances and exits. Owners of new townhomes in Toronto, especially freehold townhomes, are more likely to have a greater sense of autonomy, privacy, and independence.

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A Summary of the Main Differences

To recap: condo owners only own the inside of their homes, and they’re joint owners of the building’s exterior and communal areas. Townhome owners may have the same situation if the townhome is a condo. For freehold townhomes, however, residents fully own their house and also the land it’s built on and the surrounding yard or deck. Freehold townhomes do not have maintenance fees, while condos do. Condos are governed by legal statutes, whereas townhomes aren’t. This means that owners of freehold townhomes have more autonomy. Lastly, people who live in freehold townhomes generally experience a greater degree of privacy and independence.

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The Benefits of Living in a Toronto Townhome

Luxury Bartley Townhomes

Townhomes are like the Goldilocks of living in Toronto. You get your own home – including all the roominess and outdoor space of a detached home – with all the convenience and ease of condo living. With a townhome, you get the best of both worlds.

Townhomes typically include multiple floors, designated parking spaces, and a shared wall with another home or homes. Townhome communities usually include shared communal spaces and are generally regulated by a homeowners’ association, which ensures that community maintenance and upkeep are taken care of and that everyone in the community abides by certain rules or guidelines.

If you’re considering buying a new home or condo in Toronto, townhomes are an excellent option to consider. Here are the top five benefits of living in a townhome.

Affordability and Cost Savings

Townhome living offers unparalleled affordability. Townhomes take up less land than single-family homes and are more cost-effective to build, so they’re more affordable to buy. This has great benefits for families as it allows them to get more home for less.

Townhomes also boast lower property taxes than detached homes and lower utility bills, since the shared walls between townhomes help to prevent heat loss and conserve energy.

Owners of townhomes also typically enjoy cost savings when it comes to home maintenance costs. While single-family homes can have many maintenance fees – everything from landscaping to roof repairs to driveway maintenance must be taken into consideration in the budget – many of these concerns don’t apply to townhomes or are covered by the homeowners’ association.

Amazing Locations

Townhomes are often less expensive than single-family detached homes in the same area, so they let homeowners live in great neighborhoods for a lower cost. Townhomes tend to be centrally located close to transit, shopping, restaurants, schools, entertainment options, and more.

Our upcoming Bartley Towns luxury townhome community, for example, is ideally situated in an ideal Toronto neighborhood at Victoria Park and Eglinton East. This established residential neighborhood in North York is amid a commercial and residential revitalization thanks to the planned Eglinton Crosstown LRT transit extension currently under construction. Best of all, Bartley Towns is close to numerous public and private schools, libraries, community centers, and parks with ample green space and walking trails, making it a perfect place for families to live and grow.

Single Family Living Without the Maintenance

Owning and maintaining a detached home can be a lot of work, and it can be both time-consuming and expensive. From yard work such as pulling weeds, trimming shrubs, and cutting the grass to landscaping to seasonal outdoor work like cleaning eavestroughs and shoveling snow, the list of tasks and chores can be endless. And then there are the bigger maintenance items and repairs to consider, like roof and driveway repairs or repainting your home’s exterior to keep it looking fresh.

With a townhome, you don’t have to worry about any of that. In townhome communities, the homeowners’ association typically handles all maintenance to your home’s exterior as well as to shared outdoor amenities such as parking lots, driveways, and other common areas.

Maintenance-free living is ideal for today’s busy families. It gives you more time to focus on what matters most: spending time with your family. Whether cooking a special meal together, playing sports, or a board game together or simply enjoying each other’s company, you’ll be grateful for the opportunity to relax with your family instead of attending to a never-ending chores checklist.

A Community Vibe

Townhome communities are vibrant, fun places to live because they foster a sense of community and togetherness. As neighbors live close to each other, they tend to get to know each other and to become quite friendly. Townhome living is a great way to make new friends, to meet playmates for your children, and to add a touch of safety and friendliness to your everyday life. Even living in a big city like Toronto, you’ll find yourself bumping into your neighbors and sharing a smile and a chat. Being part of a community is a wonderful feeling and is good for your mental health.

This sense of community also contributes to security, as neighbors know each other and will be more likely to notice and alert each other of any unusual noise, activities, or suspicious visitors. You’ll also have friendly neighbors nearby should you need someone to pick up your mail or keep an eye on your home while you’re out of town on a work trip or family vacation.

Stunning Shared Spaces

Another benefit of townhome living is that you get to enjoy beautiful common areas and amenities, including yards and parks. These are more expansive and luxurious than they would be if they were owned and used by just one family alone, and you don’t need to worry about any of the maintenance.

Townhome living offers all the luxury and spaciousness of single-family living at a lower cost than living in a detached home, and with a more carefree, maintenance-free lifestyle. It’s the perfect way to get all the benefits of living in a great neighborhood while also getting to enjoy more precious time with your family.

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The New Townhome Development Bring Fresh Urban Living To Toronto

Toronto’s newest and most exciting townhome development, Bartley Towns, fully reflects BAZIS’s signature style and focuses on designing luxurious urban living.

With designs ranging from 1,475 to over 1,700 square feet, each home in this luxury new townhome development offers a 3, 4 or 5 bedroom layout, featuring spacious kitchens, expansive outdoor terraces, a multi-purpose den on the ground floor, and impressive finishes to perfectly suit your tastes and lifestyle.

Luxury Townhomes with Beautiful Architecture

BAZIS understands the complex role that architecture plays in life and focuses on designing luxurious living spaces with the utmost attention to detail living spaces where expression through design meets human interaction. The new Toronto townhomes at Bartley Towns are perfectly aligned to this vision. Designed with an eye on maximizing the utility of each living space, and using light and proportions to create spaciousness, these townhouses are unique in design and outstanding in quality.

Elegant brick, stucco, and accent details are meticulously brought together in an interplay of delicate colors and timeless proportions. Expansive and refined windows frame park views from the inside, and charming front yard landscapes embellish your clean and sophisticated front entrance.

The chic, contemporary architecture is developed by BAZIS, one of Toronto’s most iconic developers.

Designs for Today’s Modern Families

Each townhome at Bartley Towns features a thoughtful, open-concept layout, a private garage, and a spacious terrace – visionary design for the modern urban family.

The main floor will be bathed in natural light and open onto your expansive outdoor terrace. Exquisite finishes of the highest quality will make every inch of your home feel luxurious.

Personalized Sophistication

One of the greatest benefits and joys of buying a new home is the opportunity to personalize your entire space. Channel your inner designer and select from an enviable range of options and finishes to make your dream home a reality.

At Bartley Towns, you can customize the features and finishes to suit your personal preferences, lifestyles, wants and needs. The process of selecting finishes and personalizing living spaces is a pleasure many dream about, and a rare opportunity that is available at these unique new luxury townhomes.

Build upon the already exquisite list of marquee features, including beautiful natural-finished white oak staircases, tall nine-foot-high smooth-finish ceilings throughout, flat-paneled interior doors with designer-selected hardware, sleek flat-slab kitchen cabinets, elegant quartz kitchen countertops, contemporary flat-slab bathroom cabinetry, luxurious quartz countertops with under-mount sinks and beautiful porcelain tile flooring in bathrooms, water-efficient faucets, showerheads and toilets, central air conditioning and so much more.

Exquisite Layouts and Designs Suited for Your Lifestyle

Thoughtfully planned open-concept layouts are developed to complement your family’s desires and needs, making your home a distinct expression of your taste and style.

The lower level features entry through the front door and the garage, as well as a multi-purpose den or bedroom.

The main floor is bathed in natural light, opening onto an expansive outdoor terrace.

Your open-concept gourmet kitchen is the heart of your home, making family gatherings truly memorable. It’s the perfect space for creating a gourmet meal, gathering with family at the end of the day, and entertaining guests. The contemporary design is fresh and stylish and maximizes space and flow on the main floor of the home.

The bathrooms at Bartley Towns are designed to impress. Make a statement with exquisite finishes in your bathroom sanctuary.

Multiple bedroom configurations will suit your family’s evolving lifestyle.

A spacious master suite or children’s room offers supreme comfort and privacy.

Competence, Integrity, Vision, Responsibility.

These townhomes are designed by BAZIS, a company committed to excellence in every facet of the commercial and residential real estate development process. Combining visionary architecture, design, marketing and construction with the epitome of corporate integrity and environmental responsibility, BAZIS has become a major force in articulating the city’s ever-evolving skyline.

The company is rewriting Toronto’s urban story with new, contemporary luxury condominiums and townhomes located in prime neighborhoods throughout the city. BAZIS understands today’s urban purchaser and designs condominiums and townhomes that are always unique in design and outstanding quality. Proudly, BAZIS is in a class of its own.

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Luxury New Townhomes in One of Toronto’s Most Established Communities

Nestled into the tree-lined enclave at Eglinton and Victoria Park, Bartley Towns brings contemporary style and urban refinement to one of Toronto’s most established family communities. Integrated into the namesake Bartley Park, these freehold townhomes gracefully balance idyllic surroundings with the energy and sophistication of urban life.

Luxury New Townhomes in an Ideal Toronto Neighbourhood

The Bartley Towns, contemporary townhome development which features 3, 4 and 5 bedroom layouts with spacious kitchens, expansive outdoor terraces, and impressive finishes are ideally situated in an established residential neighborhood in North York that’s amid a commercial and residential revitalization thanks to the planned Eglinton Crosstown LRT transit extension currently under construction.

Bartley Towns is perfectly situated to meet the growing needs of families. It’s close to numerous public and private schools, libraries, community centers and parks with ample green space and walking trails. Nearby amenities include movie theatres, museums, grocery stores, and several public transit options. While Bartley Towns is close to the action in terms of transportation, retail and commercial redevelopment, the area is distinctly separate from the hustle and bustle of the main streets, providing a quiet oasis for families to enjoy.

Your Neighbourhood: The Place to Be

Bartley Towns is an urban, contemporary sanctuary located in the midst of it all. The community’s modern homes overlook the mature trees of Bartley Park – your serenity in the center of the city.

The neighborhood is vibrant and central. Located along the stretch of Eglinton Avenue known as the Golden Mile, it’s close to Eglinton Square, the CF Shops at Don Mills, Eglinton Town Centre and other attractions.

You’ll make the absolute most of your neighborhood by walking over to catch a movie at the Eglinton Town Centre Cinemas, or dropping into a hot new restaurant while out for an evening stroll along the Golden Mile. And look forward to staying safe in the bike lanes while running errands and exploring your neighborhood on two wheels.

A New Golden Mile

With Queen Elizabeth presiding over its opening in the 1950s, what was dubbed the “Golden Mile” became a symbol of affluence after World War II – a stretch of Eglinton Avenue characterized by its busy strip malls and parking lots full of shoppers.

In 2020, the Golden Mile Shopping Centre is undergoing an extensive and exciting revitalization, as part of the vibrant new mixed-use community that is now evolving there. A total of 11 new buildings are proposed in the master plan, bringing together prime retail and commercial space, high and midrise residential, and inviting public spaces. The revitalization will result in a pedestrian-friendly urban village with multiple city squares, 100+ world-class retail and dining destinations, and an enviable “walk score.”

Just a 5-minute walk from Bartley Towns, the new Golden Mile, and Eglinton Square will offer one-stop shopping for residents, along with excellent dining and services, all just minutes away.

The New Eglinton Square

Eglinton Square, long a retail landmark located at Victoria Park Avenue and Eglinton Avenue, is now undergoing a major revitalization centered around the existing shopping center. Designed by Quadrangle Architects, the redevelopment will not touch the mall itself but transform the site into a high-quality mixed-use community through the creation of a public piazza, five residential and commercial towers ranging from 25 to 40 storeys, and many stacked townhomes.

The Eglinton Square Shopping Centre is currently home to over 75 major retailers including Hudson’s Bay, Metro, Shoppers Drug Mart, and more. Excellent shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and more are all here, just a short walk away from Bartley Towns. The redevelopment’s new and enhanced street-level retail and public spaces will offer a much more pedestrian-friendly experience.

Nature in the City

Overlooking Bartley Park is just the beginning, no other urban community in Toronto has better access to so many natural amenities.

Are you a runner? A cyclist? A hiker? A birdwatcher? Reinvigorate your mind, body, and spirit on the endless trails of the Don Valley ravine, just a short walk from your front door.

Are you a golfer? Hit the links within 5 minutes at the Flemingdon Park Golf Club.

Do you have a green thumb? Start your organic garden, just up the street at the Jonesville Allotment Gardens.

The City at Hand

Bartley Towns is set right by the intersection of Eglinton and Victoria Park, making it one of Toronto’s best-connected places to live. You will be a short walk away to the bustling energy of the Golden Mile and a quick jaunt away from the downtown core. The Don Valley Parkway is just around the bend, and Sloane Station on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT is a moment’s walk from your doorstep.

With 25 stops between East and West Toronto, the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit line will connect you to the entire TTC system. Direct links to 3 subway stations, 3 GO Transit stations, and dozens of bus lines will make your home profoundly accessible.

Bartley Towns’ prime location will make commuting and getting around the city a breeze.

The New Eglinton Crosstown LRT

Bartley Towns is just minutes from the future Eglinton Crosstown, the light rail transit (LRT) line that is scheduled for completion in 2021.

The Crosstown – an $8.4B initiative that is the largest transit expansion in Toronto’s history – will run east and west in a 19km corridor along Eglinton Avenue between Mount Dennis (Weston Road) and Kennedy subway station. There will be 25 stops along the way, and links to 54 bus routes, three subways stations, and GO Transit lines. Right-of-way transit lanes, separated from regular traffic and with priority signaling at intersections, will help ensure the LRT’s speed and reliability.

The Crosstown will run at an average speed of 28 km/hr, which is 4 km/hr faster than the TTC’s downtown subway. It will carry many more passengers and move up to 60 percent faster than the existing bus service on Eglinton Avenue, with travel times to downtown Toronto significantly reduced.

Inspiring Young Minds

Eglinton and Victoria Park is one of Toronto’s most sought-after neighborhoods for urban families. As a long-established community, it has no shortage of options for nearby public and private education, including the prestigious Seneca Hill Private School and French-language École Élémentaire Jeanne-Lajoie, both less than 10 minutes away.

After class, your children will find endless stimulation at the local Toronto Public Library and numerous community centers and world-class cultural destinations, including the Aga Khan Museum and the beloved Ontario Science Centre.

Competence, Integrity, Vision, Responsibility.

BAZIS is a company committed to excellence in every facet of the commercial and residential real estate development process. Combining visionary architecture, design, marketing and construction with the epitome of corporate integrity and environmental responsibility, BAZIS has become a major force in articulating the city’s ever-evolving skyline.

The company is rewriting Toronto’s urban story with new, contemporary luxury condominiums and townhomes located in prime neighborhoods throughout the city.

BAZIS understands today’s urban purchaser and designs condominiums and townhomes that are always unique in design and outstanding quality. Proudly, BAZIS is in a class of its own.

Make sure to register now for Bartley Towns to receive the latest news and updates as soon as they’re available, including an invitation to an Information Webinar that’s coming soon with details about Bartley Towns’ upcoming exclusive opening.

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1 Yorkville: Toronto’s Most Luxurious New Condo Development Is Nearly Complete

Construction is coming along beautifully at BAZIS’ 1 Yorkville luxury new condo development in downtown Toronto’s Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood, and the building is nearing completion!

1 Yorkville now stands at its full height of 58 storeys, and the suites and amenity spaces are in the process of being finished. The building is coming to life, and we’re looking forward to completing construction and welcoming homeowners to this gorgeous new development.

Since our last construction update of this exciting new Toronto condo development, a lot has been done at 1 Yorkville. Read on to learn more! 

Construction Updates at 1 Yorkville

The roof slab has been completed at 1 Yorkville, which means that the condo’s incredible rooftop amenity space is now under construction too. The rooftop at 1 Yorkville will allow residents to entertain their guests in one of the condo’s gracious party rooms or to watch a movie in an intimate outdoor theatre. It’s all coming to life, at this very moment!

The exterior of the stunning condo development is coming along well, with the heritage building steel framing fully completed all the way up to the 4th floor, as well as all windows completed. The exterior wall, drywall has been completed up to the 56th floor – just two more storeys to go!

Inside, the suites are in their final finishing phase. Drywall has been completed up to the 54th floor and painting is well underway, as are tiles (which have been completed up to the 49th floor). Kitchens, countertops and backsplashes as well as suite doors, trim and hardware are also making swift progress – we’re almost there!

The ground floor lobby is also in full construction mode and is coming along well. The beautiful double-height lobby will feature an original art installation, convenient free WiFi, exquisite interior design and a 24-hour concierge.

The amenity spaces are making progress too. 1 Yorkville’s 4th and 5th-floor amenity floors, which are now each 50% complete, offer a functional environment that will inspire the most dedicated health enthusiasts while also embracing those who prefer a more meditative and relaxed ambiance. A spa with a sprawling outdoor pool, hot tub and hot-and-cold plunge pools will offer an incredible opportunity to unwind and enjoy all the benefits of hydrotherapy. A Cross Fit studio with top-tier equipment and a fitness gallery stocked with top-of-the-line weight and cardio machines will allow residents to optimize their health and performance in comfort and style.

A New Condo That’s Changing Toronto’s Landscape

1 Yorkville is already making its mark on the Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood, with its iconic design becoming a memorable and irreplaceable landmark.

The building is wrapped in crimped bands of white metallic ribbon to produce a unique interplay of shadow and light, and to emphasize a glittering effect embedded in the cityscape. This distinctive, unique exterior cladding now extends all the way from the ground floor to the top of the building’s 58th floor, producing a striking, dazzling effect.

The elegant condo fits in perfectly in the luxurious Yorkville neighbourhood, nestled amidst the likes of Hermes, Gucci, Holt Renfrew, and the Four Seasons across the street.

Redefining Luxury

1 Yorkville’s singular, alluring exterior architecture isn’t all that is making the new condo development such an iconic new part of downtown Toronto’s landscape. The condo’s exquisite interior finishes are also designating a new standard of luxury.

Open-concept layouts, premium European-style kitchens and designer finishes, some with Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, are stunning and perfectly suited for the most discriminating buyer.

The condo’s lavish amenities are also superbly designed and highly enviable. Style cannot exist without substance, after all.

Of course, the finishing touch to 1 Yorkville is the royal treatment and ultimate luxury provided by its signature concierge services to handle all of life’s little tasks, such as errands, personal shopping and appointment-booking.

Suites Available at 1 Yorkville

There is still a limited selection of suites available at 1 Yorkville, including a one-of-a-kind penthouse that offers 360 degrees of Toronto views in an incredibly spacious, luxurious 7,256 square feet. The principal rooms of this lofty home feature a southern view with the great Lake Ontario beyond.

If you’re interested in calling the luxury new condo development 1 Yorkville home, get in touch with us to learn more. Follow BAZIS on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) to learn more about our communities and the latest updates at 1 Yorkville.

A Positive Outlook for New Homes in Toronto this Fall

A generally positive fall is underway with a relatively strong real estate market in Canada. This is great news for those investing in real estate, which continues to show strength over the long term as a means to build wealth in Canada. 


The Canadian Real Estate Association is reporting slight increases in September, with benchmark prices rising .5% in September over August and increases of 1.3% year over year.  Continue reading

1 Yorkville’s Luxury Condo Coming Close to Capping Off

BAZIS - 1 Yorkville(Excerpted from Urban Toronto’s BAZIS & Plaza’s 1 Yorkville Close to Topping Off in Bloor-Yorkville)

Since construction began in the Spring of 2017, BAZIS’ 1 Yorkville Luxury Condo has been steadily rising, and it is now nearing the summit! We are close to the final height of 183m (58 storeys) and topping it all off is an incredible rooftop amenity space. UPDATED-Sept-19 Continue reading