Moving Cities: Transit VS Driving

February 6th, 2015

City-dwellers: are you a public transit commuter or a car enthusiast? With cities getting bigger and more populated, it seems like there is less room for driving and an almost dire need for more transit. We take a look at reasons you might choose driving over public transit, or the other way around.

Less stressful

For some of us, driving is stressful. Especially during rush hour to and from work – the roads are crazier, pedestrians and cyclists are everywhere and there are a lot of road rules, especially in the downtown core. Your focus needs to be at an all-time high and it can be stressful. On the other hand, being shuttled around on the bus or subway can be a far less anxiety-ridden adventure. You can prop open a book, turn on your tablet and watch your favourite TV show and not worry about whether you’ll get to your destination.



In Toronto it’s often quicker to drive to your destination than to take the subway, but that’s soon to change with additional routes to come and cars added to routes that are already established. The city is made for transit, with subways, streetcars and an ample bus service, so it is definitely more convenient. Of course the one thing that’s not convenient about public transportation is that you often have to wait, and there are delays that can double or triple your commuting time.


The TTC monthly metropass is just over $140, but it still beats paying for parking in downtown Toronto. Some parking lots, even at office buildings, charge anywhere from $20 to $35 for the day, add the cost of gas into it and you’re paying in the ballpark of $1200 a month. When you factor that in, paying $140 for a month of riding the TTC seems pretty worth it.


What are your thoughts? Is transit or driving the better option for city-dwellers? Weigh in below or on Twitter.