1 Yorkville Construction Update Jan 2017

We are very excited to see how much progress has happened at 1 Yorkville since the start of the new year! The foundation mat and tower crane are now both installed, and the crew was preparing to install the slab on grade.

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Construction Update: Fall Edition

As we enter the month of December we’re struck with one overwhelming thought: where has the time gone?! 2016 has been a big year for our on-the-go projects. Lots of changes and progress has been made on both our E Condo and 1 Yorkville sites. If you’ve walked past either in the past 365 days you can attest to the activity and great work being done. Both sites have required extensive excavation, but lots has happened since breaking ground.  Continue reading

5 Hot Spots to Grab a Drink at Yonge and Eglinton

They say you learn something new everyday. Today we learned that another nickname for Yonge and Eglinton, is Yonge and Eligible, due to the soaring numbers of hip (and single) young professionals flocking to the area. Perhaps this explains the ever-expanding list of cool new spots opening up in the area. Whether you’re on the hunt for an after work drink, a spot to share a bottle with the girls, or perhaps a hip bar to take your next Tinder date to, Yonge and Eg has tons of places to wet your whistle.  Continue reading

Best Places to Grab a Drink Around Yorkville

If you’re looking for a corner of the city that is bursting with options for where to get drinks, look no further than Yorkville. A swanky part of the city, you’re sure to find all types of bars lining these streets (in between the upscale boutiques, of course). Don’t be intimidated by the posh reputation though. While the establishments are sophisticated, the atmosphere here is are warm and inviting, and the cocktail menus? Well, the cocktail menus are top shelf. Here’s a list of some of the best places to grab a drink in the area! Continue reading

Construction Updates: Summer Edition

Summer has come to a close and it’s been awhile since we last updated you on the progress of our projects. The last time that we checked in it was in the spring and we’ve certainly seen some growth since then. We’ve been busy working away on our active projects from 1 Yorkville to E Condos up at Yonge and Eglinton. Continue reading

Introducing Estates on Bayview!

When it comes to luxurious Toronto neighbourhoods, there are a few that spring to mind – Rosedale, Forest Hill, Yorkville, the Bridle Path. Among those is also Bayview Village, the location of one of our upcoming developments that we’d like you to meet: Estates on Bayview.  Continue reading

Inside Yorkville’s New Equinox Fitness

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.42.33 AM

The first warm days of spring serve as a startling reminder that soon we’ll have to shed our layers, our comfy (albeit bulky) sweaters, and don our summer wardrobe. For some this news is welcome, while for others, this means the horror that is bathing suit season. Whether you look forward to dusting off your daisy dukes or not – this time of year serves as a great excuse to adopt a new workout regimen. If you’re looking to up your fitness game but need a little inspiration, let the beautiful new Equinox Fitness in Yorkville serve as that reason to go to the gym.

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A Tour Of Canada’s Best Restaurants


There are lots of reasons to hit the road and tour our wonderful country – national monuments, natural wonders, eclectic B&B’s – Canada has lots to see and do. Not to mention lots to eat! As you travel across the country, the cuisine each region has to offer is mouth watering (Toronto included!). Whether the fare is seasonal to the area or not, the food found at these spots look absolutely delicious. In case you plan on organizing an all you can eat food tour of Canada, here’s a list of some of the best restaurants the country has to offer.  Continue reading

How To Spend a Winter Day With the Family North of Bloor


Who said that you can’t have some fun in uptown Toronto? There’s plenty to do without having to take the whole family downtown. With our new luxury homes coming at Estates on Bayview coming soon, we’re looking forward to showing off what the Bayview area has to offer. Also, colder weather is coming and let’s face it, sometimes it can be difficult to find things to do with the family once winter hits. We’ve put together an outline of our ideal way to spend a day with the family to help avoid the winter blues – ready? Let’s go…

Morning: Start off with brunch at Origin North

Starting the day with brunch is a must. You’ve got to fuel up for the day and there’s no better place for brunch in the area than Origin North. The menu offers a variety of french toast, smoked salmon eggs benedict, a delicious frittata, and a lot of other delicious items. You can’t really go wrong and you’ll be starting the day on a good note and full stomachs.

Afternoon: Choose your own adventure: bowling, trampolines, or an escape room

When it comes to things to do as a family, there are some really fun activities nearby. And when we say fun, we mean fun for everyone involved. We loved all of these options so we couldn’t choose just one! Here are your options:

  • The classic afternoon of bowling at Bowlerama Newtonbrook. Slip on some bowling shoes and put your skills to the test!
  • If you want to do something a little different, you can try out Skyzone. Imagine a room full of trampolines and the fun that will undoubtedly ensue!
  • Ever done an escape room before? They’re all the rage right now and being locked in a room with your family may not sound like the best idea (kidding!) but we promise that it’s lots of fun to work together as a team to figure out the puzzles. Check out iEscaped to learn more!

Dinner: Fuel up at Paradise Farms

Are you ready for one of the best burgers that you’ve ever had? Or if you’re not feeling a burger, there’s plenty of other delicious options on the menu. After a busy afternoon, you’ve earned it. This is one of the best local spots that everyone tells their friends about so check it out! But seriously, those burgers.

Evening: Lace up your skates at Mel Lastman Square

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 4.17.47 PM
Image via Flickr

When the cool weather hits, is there anything better than hitting up an outdoor rink? Night skating is one of the best activities and come November, the rink at Mel Lastman Square will be back in business. It’s nestled in at the back of the square and not too busy so it’ll be perfect for the whole family to hit the ice together.

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