Inside Yorkville’s New Equinox Fitness

April 12th, 2016

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The first warm days of spring serve as a startling reminder that soon we’ll have to shed our layers, our comfy (albeit bulky) sweaters, and don our summer wardrobe. For some this news is welcome, while for others, this means the horror that is bathing suit season. Whether you look forward to dusting off your daisy dukes or not – this time of year serves as a great excuse to adopt a new workout regimen. If you’re looking to up your fitness game but need a little inspiration, let the beautiful new Equinox Fitness in Yorkville serve as that reason to go to the gym.


The ‘cutting-edge fitness destination’ that is taking the world by storm has come to Yorkville. With elegant design and top shelf services, this fitness hotspot is sure to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.



The Fitness

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Image via @equinox on Instagram

At Equinox Yorkville you’re going to find more than what the average gym has to offer. Not only are the facilities innovative and top of the line, but the classes are equal parts intense and interesting. Instead of the typical lifting session and step class you can do cardio boxing, Barre Burn, cycling, pilates, ropes, athletic yoga, and Precision Running (to mention a few). As well, there are multiple levels of training programs to meet your specific goals and needs.


The Spa

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Image via @equinox on Instagram

If you’ve a) already worked out and want a wind down, or b) want to skip the exercise and get straight to relaxing, then the Equinox Spa is going to become your new happy place. Here you can get a massage (Swedish to Shiatsu), a facial (would you rather 24-carat gold, caviar, or chocolate?), as well as laser, waxing, nails, body treatments, and sunless tanning. You’ll definitely come out of here a new – more glowing and calm – you.


The Amenities

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Image via @equinox on Instagram

The space itself should be considered an amenity. It’s not your typical out-dated and sweaty gym. Here you’ll feel like you’ve entered a modern space of pure luxury and serene bliss. You’ll find WiFi in every corner of the club for your streaming and Instgramming needs, all sizes of towels (in abundance) conveniently found throughout the club, and most wonderful of all – Kiehl’s products! After a tough workout you’ll have luxe Kiehl’s products on hand (literally) to unwind with in the locker room.


Header Image via @equinox on Instagram


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