Super-cool Public Spaces From Around the World: Aquatic Centres

Our love for public spaces shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, we’ve talked about them quite a bit on the blog and on our Twitter. We’re constantly sharing with you new and innovative public spaces, as well as how important it is for the community to have good public spaces open to anyone and every one.

Something that always seems to become community hubs are aquatic centres. With free swim times and lessons for the kids, it’s just natural that people flock to these spaces. Here are a few aquatic centres that have caught our eye over the last little while, let us know if we missed any really cool ones in the comments below. Continue reading

Public Spaces at Yonge and Eglinton

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we believe public spaces are highly important for the growth of a city, and our architect Rosario Varracalli has also spoken on the importance of promoting public spaces. Continue reading