Taste Toronto: The Best in Interior Design

If there’s one thing that Torontonians can brag about, it’s the number of amazing restaurants there are in our city. Not only do we boast six of the top 10 best restaurants in the country in terms of delicious dishes, but many of our favourite spots have paid extra special attention to the space in which we eat as well. Food is, of course, the number one factor at any great restaurant, but having great interior design and a great atmosphere is also up there. Continue reading

A Tour Of Canada’s Best Restaurants

There are lots of reasons to hit the road and tour our wonderful country – national monuments, natural wonders, eclectic B&B’s – Canada has lots to see and do. Not to mention lots to eat! As you travel across the country, the cuisine each region has to offer is mouth watering (Toronto included!). Whether the fare is seasonal to the area or not, the food found at these spots look absolutely delicious. In case you plan on organizing an all you can eat food tour of Canada, here’s a list of some of the best restaurants the country has to offer.  Continue reading