Top Toronto Townhome Upgrades to Maximize Future Resale Value

February 20th, 2019

Torontonians love their new homes. In a 2018 Globe and Mail Report, there will be well over 100,000 new pre-construction townhomes, Toronto between 2010 and 2020. With all the new houses built in the GTA, it’s easy to see new trends as they emerge, and new home buyers demand them.

It’s important to consider not only the upgrades that have *sizzle* but also the practical upgrades that are costly to do later, as well. These are things such as upgrades to ceiling heights, electrical, and insulation.

Not All New Townhome Construction Upgrades Are Equal

While adding more electrical outlets – especially duplex outlets – is critical in today’s device-driven world, they certainly don’t match the joy of walking on brand-new flawless hardwood floors.  However, it would be wise to consider them during the construction of your home.

Electrical and Lighting Home Upgrades

Under-cabinet lighting

Once you have a beautifully-lit workspace in the kitchen, you will never want to go back! Lighting makes the task of dinner a little more enjoyable.  Island lighting is another idea to think of since task areas are perfect for kid’s homework or working-at-home.

Recessed lighting

Pot lights are difficult and expensive to install. So do this during the construction of your home. But also, don’t forget feature lighting in niches, the servery or other areas of the home.


townhomes kitchen trends cabinetry lighting

Home Upgrades for the Kitchen

While in the kitchen, think about expanding the size and functionality of your island if at all possible. Adding shelving, cabinets, or additional seating makes this prime space even better. After all, the kitchen is where families like to gather the most.

You can also be thinking about how your kitchen is organized. Having tools close at hand makes life easier. Try deep pot and pan drawers and partitions to define space for all your favorite appliances.

Backsplashes are still popular, although many creative homeowners are thinking beyond tile. We recommend classic choices that will remain timeless over trendy materials that will appear dated down the road.

Finally, think about your cabinetry depth and height, and if offered, consider upgrading to taller cabinets to allow more space for storage.


Stand alone tub glass shower

Upgraded Bathroom Finishes

Your bathroom is another area of the home where you can show off your sense of style and taste for luxury. Shower areas really benefit from creative patterns in tile, recessed niches, shower seats, and upgraded faucets. Make your bath feel like a spa.

If available, consider upgrading your tub, as well. This type of finish really gets a buyer excited, when they can see themselves enjoying the space.

Another popular option is dual sinks in the master bath. Even the happiest couple appreciates a little space apart in the bathroom.


Living room fireplace modern

Top New Townhouses Development Upgrades in Toronto

The Toronto buyer is very sophisticated, and there are often many choices. Some upgrades leave a lasting impression, starting from the street.

  • Upgraded exterior lighting – a well-lit home looks absolutely stunning and welcoming to arrive at.
  • Larger windows and taller ceilings – If available, upgrade your ceiling height – in the basement as well. This allows more light into the home and gives a grand sense of arrival.
  • Stair finishes – Upgraded risers, pickets, and railings are one way to go. Match your stain to your flooring or get creative with other finish options.
  • Replace sliding patio doors with an upgraded set of garden doors.
  • Add warmth with a fireplace – Gas fireplaces make a home feel inviting. Don’t leave this out!

Finally, your home needs a few other things that no one will notice but you. Don’t forget to reinforce your TV wall if you like a bigger screen, and to add a water line to the fridge and extra insulation if you are energy-conscious.

The Toronto home buyer is discerning. The thought you put into your home will be noticed. However, once you move into your beautifully appointed home you may choose to stay forever!

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