Yorkville vs Yorkville

August 22nd, 2013

New Yorkville Condos in Toronto

We always talk about how much we love Yorkville, home to Crystal Blu, Exhibit and soon 1 Yorkville condos in Toronto. But did you know there’s another neighbourhood called Yorkville in Manhattan, New York? Let’s take a look at both neighbourhoods to determine which of the two Yorkville is the best.


Toronto: Yorkville is a luxurious neighbourhood located in the heart of one of Canada’s most vibrant cities.  It is a former village and is a part of The Annex officially. Back in the 1960s, Yorkville was the bohemian and hippie cultural capital of Canada. Times have changed and Yorkville is now considered one of the most expensive streets in the world, and this is easily believable with one quick stroll down the street! Yorkville has upscale shopping, fine dining and luxurious condos. It is also known to be the spot to catch a celebrity or two because many A-listers make Yorkville a must-visit when they’re in town. Some famed individuals, like Drake, have also chosen to make our neighbourhood their Canadian place of residence.

Yorkville Toronto Condos

New York City: This Yorkville is situated in a well-known area of Manhattan known as the Upper East-Side, one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in New York City. For the better part of the last several centuries, Yorkville was a middle to a working-class neighbourhood, home to descendants from various countries like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, Poland, Germany and Hungary. Though Yorkville has seen a shift in demographics (from older families to students and young families) the old culture is still visible in the restaurants and shops. Famous landmarks in Yorkville include Carl Schurz Park and Gracie Mansion, and President Barack Obama lived there for a few years too back in the 80s.

Yorkville Luxury Condos


Toronto: Yorkville in Toronto is synonymous with high fashion, luxury brands and wealth. It is home to some of the best shopping in Toronto, including Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Holt Renfrew, Tiffany & Co., and Harry Rosen. It is exactly where Torontonians (and visiting guests) go to indulge in a little retail therapy.

Luxury Condos in Yorkville: Shopping

New York City: Fashionistas all over the world can attest to the shopping scene in Manhattan. Although Yorkville has escaped big brands like Fendi or Kate Spade, it is laden with thrift shops which carry some of the best brands to hit the city. They also boast a bustling retail area on 86th Street, which is home to the usual retail contenders. Bonus points: HANRO of Switzerland’s flagship store is in Yorkville – the first in North America.



Toronto: Our beloved city is home to a great variety of 5-star restaurants that caters to all taste buds, whether it’s Indian cuisine or Italian you’re vying for. It just so happens that the best of Toronto’s restaurants are strewn all over Yorkville, making the neighbourhood a hot spot during lunch, dinner and even for a spot of afternoon tea. Some of our favourites in the area include Pangaea and Cafe Nervosa, and if they don’t tickle your fancy, great restaurants in Yorkville are a dime a dozen.

cafe nervosa

New York City:  In the diversity department, New York City comes out on top. The late hours of many dining spots is an added bonus because we’d go there at any time to enjoy the eats. Many restaurants and diners pay homage to the immigrant past, with Irish pubs, Hungarian pastry shops, German beer bars, and Italian eateries -just to name a few. We love the midnight dining options, and the burger scene in Yorkville is definitely admirable. If you’re ever in the ‘hood, be sure to check out old timer JG Melon and Insomnia Cookies, and rumour has it that the best pizza in NYC can be found in Luigi’s Pizzeria.


And the winner is …


Although we have to hand it to Yorkville in Manhattan for being home to President Barack Obama (albeit for a short while), midnight eats and thrift shops aren’t enough for this neighbourhood in NYC to win.

Our heart lies in Yorkville – we can’t help but be enamoured by the great shopping, delicious dining and wealthy ambience. What can we say? Yorkville is our favourite neighbourhood in Toronto which is why we chose to develop not one but three homes in the area!