Spend the Perfect Summer Day in Yorkville

August 9th, 2016

summer in yorkville

If you’re looking for a summer activity, we suggest starting by looking at a recent map of Toronto. Upon doing so you’ll realize just how many different and interesting neighbourhoods there are to check out, sprinkled across the city, some hiding in small corners. Try this: close your eyes, and drop your finger on a map of the city, and then head out to explore! If you can’t be bother to pick today, we’ll do it for you – let’s start by having the perfect day in Toronto’s beautiful Yorkville. 


Coffee at Sorry, Breakfast at The Good Press

healthy breakfast

Image via @goodpressjuice on Instagram

Start the day right with some tasty coffee from Yorkville’s Sorry Coffee Co., located at the back of the flagship Kit and Ace location. Here you’ll get that morning jolt of caffeine via their perfect espresso-based drinks and quality coffee. Grab your coffee, and run into The Good Press for a light breakfast. You’re sure to become addicted to their delicious acai bowls and juice.


Spa Trip to the Four Seasons


Treat yourself to a morning of blissful relaxation at the Four Seasons Spa Toronto. What are you in the mood for? Some yoga? A massage? A manicure? Or how about their famous and uber luxe gold plumping facial? Why not! When in Yorkville…


Shop Shop Shop!

shopping in yorkville

Image via holtrenfrew.com

It would be a crime to not do a little shopping when you’re in one of Toronto’s most sophisticated shopping areas. Here you’ll find unique shops, high-end luxury boutiques, and of course Canada’s own Holt Renfrew. The theme of the day is ‘Treat Yourself’, what harm can a little window shopping do?


Lunch at Kasa Moto

kasa moto

Image via @kasa_moto on Instagram

After all this indulging you must be a little worn out? Time to refuel with delicious Japanese at Kasa Moto. If the sun is shining, their patio is the perfect spot to perch while you enjoy their notorious maki, expertly crafted sushi, and a beautiful cocktail.


Museum or Matinée?

museum rom toronto

Image via @romtoronto on Instagram

The afternoon is all yours, so what will you do? If you’re feeling curious and energized, why not visit the Royal Ontario Museum? This summer there are incredible exhibits to take in. You can choose from an in-depth exploration of tattoos and their history, or the beautiful Chihuly glass exhibit. If you’re feeling a little more low-key, why not stop by the Cineplex Odeon Varsity & VIP theatre and take in the latest summer blockbuster hit? Either way, you’re sure to have a captivating afternoon.


Dinner at Buca

dinner buca

Image via @bucayorkville on Instagram

While dinner at Buca may be extravagant, it’s also a must. Ranked as #2 on the list of Canada’s Top 100 Restaurants it’s definitely worth the visit. With a seafood centric menu, featuring Coastal Italian cuisine you won’t leave disappointed. We hear the bucatini alla carbonara and the raw branzino are to die for.


Cocktails at Reyna

reyna cocktails

Image via @barreynato on Instagram

This hip new Yorkville spot is perfect for the summer cocktail connoisseur. Sit on their beautiful backyard patio and enjoy one of the many lavish cocktails offered – but you have to start with ‘Her Royal Highness’ –  a mix of vodka and saffron scented rum, sweetened with almond syrup and served in a fun, metallic pineapple! Cheers!


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