TIFF: Celeb-spotting in Yorkville

September 10th, 2013

Toronto International Film Festival : TIFF Celeb Spotting
One of our favourite events of the year, the Toronto International Film Festival is finally here! TIFF signifies the beginning of fall here in Toronto, and especially in Yorkville – a neighbourhood known for attracting celebrities. And who can blame them? Hot restaurants, big brands and a great area is what makes Yorkville a celeb-favourite.

And even though many TIFF events have moved to King West, Yorkville continues to be a haven for Hollywood’s A-listers, including Ryan Gosling, Blake Lively and Jon Hamm – and that’s just naming a few of them.

Here’s a few places in Yorkville where you might just catch a glimpse of your favourite movie star:

  1. Diesel Store
    Everyone loves Diesel jeans but we think celebrities really like them because they usually get free swag from them during TIFF. Diesel has been known to invite A-listers to the store to get fitted in free duds.

    Imagine waiting in line to use the change room only to see Penelope Cruz stroll out?

  2. Whole Foods Market
    Are you really surprised that Katie Holmes and Suri have been spotted at the Whole Foods Market in Yorkville? The world-famous grocer houses the best organic, natural and healthy products, so we believe that you may run into quite a few health-conscious celebs!

  3. dbar at the Four Seasons
    Toronto International Film Festival dbar
    Many Hollywood big shots may already be housed in one of the suites at the recently re-opened Four Seasons, which ups the chances of running into a celeb at the spacious cocktail lounge, dbar. Even if you don’t spot a celebrity at dbar – which is unlikely, seeing as Yorkville is a celebrity-magnet – you’ll definitely enjoy the cocktails here, like the Neo-Nagrini.

  4. Sassafraz
    Sassafraz is known for its affluent clientele and so you never know who could be eating at the table next to you. It could be the likes of Robert De Niro or Susan Sarandon, and they might just ask you to join them for dinner! (We can dream can’t we?!)

  5. Cafe Trattoria Nervosa
    This cafe was in the news not too long ago when super couple Jay Z and Beyonce hit it up for lunch during a visit to Toronto. It also allowed fans and the paparazzi to catch a rare glimpse of Blu Ivy. If you’re going to go camp out at Cafe Trattoria Nervosa during TIFF, then be sure to do the polite thing and grab a meal.

  6. Holt Renfrew
    Holt Renfrew: Toronto International Film Festival
    This is an obvious spot on our list – Holt Renfrew is Canada’s most high-end department store. From Chanel to Prada, to Buttr London, Holt Renfrew carries the big names for the big names. Celebs like Olivia Wilde and Dakota Fanning have already stopped by the Variety Studio at Holt Renfrew, so who knows who you may run into on a quick shopping trip?

  7. One at the Hazelton Hotel
    Similar to the Four Seasons, many A-listers set up camp at the Hazelton Hotel – former guests include Jon Hamm, Paul Haggis and Bono. You’ll also have a great chance at celeb-spotting at Marc McEwan’s Yorkville restaurant, One. It’s already a hot spot for Toronto’s rich and famous, so we bet it’ll be popping with celebs during TIFF.

  8. Starbucks
    Anyone who attends a TIFF party will definitely need a quick cup of java to give them a boost of energy the next morning. If they’re staying at one of the neighbouring hotels, then you just might bump into a celeb while waiting in line for your latte.

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