Satisfy your sweet tooth in Yorkville!

July 25th, 2013

One of Canada’s most luxurious neighbourhoods, Yorkville, is home to some of the best restaurants, shops and luxury condos in Toronto. With the Magnum Pleasure Store right in our neighbourhood until the end of the summer, we’ve got sugary desserts on our mind! We’ve frequented well-known shops like Prairie Girl Bakery and MoRoCo in the past, and luckily we’ve got many more great options for sweets to share with you.

Chocolate Brunette Pastry Company


Chocolate Brunette Pastry Company  is fairly new to the Yorkville family – having recently opened their first store on Avenue Road in spring of this year. Word on the street is that no butter is used in the making of the desserts, but you can’t tell because the pastries and cupcakes are extremely moist and tasty. Cupcakes are topped with ganache or mousse as opposed to buttercream. The big winner at this quaint shop is the Hazelnut Truffles!

Chocolate Brunette Pastry Company is located on 182 Avenue Road.

Dlish Cupcakes

Dlish Cupcakes is well-known for their ‘dlish’ cupcakes and their free giveaways. They have regular “secret words” that you can whisper to win some tasty cupcakes. They also make their cupcakes from scratch and use ingredients from all over the world, like pure vanilla from Madagascar. We love Dlish Cupcakes for their crazy and unusual (yet still delicious) cupcake flavours. Step into their bakery and you’ll be astounded and wonder which cupcake genius came up with flavours like Raspberry-Filled Belgian Chocolate and Coconut Macaroon.

Dlish Cupcakes is located on 848-A Yonge Street.

Dessert Lady Café

Dessert Lady Café is a must if you’re spending the day strolling Yorkville in the summer. Their ice-cream flavours will leave your sweet tooth fully satisfied and have you talking about it for days to come. Be sure to try their Avocado/Coconut and Banana/Chocolate – our favourites! If ice cream isn’t your cup of tea, they have plenty of other options including cakes, tarts, pies and macarons.

Dessert Lady Café is located on 12 Cumberland Street.

We hope that helps you fulfill your cravings! What’s your favourite bakery in Yorkville?