Living Well @ Y&E: Greenhouse Juice Co.

May 29th, 2015

Staying healthy and active in Toronto has never been easier – and we don’t think the privilege is limited to those in the downtown core. Yonge & Eglinton is developing fast, and with the growing population comes a huge selection of gyms, clean eats, and events to keep them all healthy. This is the first in a series guiding you to Yonge & Eg’s best healthy lifestyle destinations.

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Greenhouse Juice Co.

Fresh juice bars are sprouting up faster than we can count them – a trend pioneered by the amazing minds behind Toronto-based Greenhouse Juice Co. If you’re an Instagram user, chances are you’ve come across their amazing photos already – but if you haven’t yet been to their Briar Hill location, you’re missing out.

One thing that differentiates Greenhouse from other juices is that they’re cold-pressed, meaning no heat is used in the juicing process. Greenhouse uses hydraulic presses, which extract the most nutrients, enzymes and that amazing colour from every certified organic fruit and veggie. Grocery-store juices don’t use this method, which is why those are generally less vibrant and nutrient-dense. In fact, the enzymes in Greenhouse juice stay alive for 72 hours – and they’re only selling the freshest. That means, every sip of this cold-pressed juice gives you the same benefits as eating the veggies they’re made from, with no hassle. They even deliver!

Our picks

Once you try one, you’ll want a juice for every occasion – luckily, we’re way ahead of you. Here’s what we’re drinking, when.

After A Long Night – The Wake Up

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This sunny yellow juice is made with lemon, grapefruit, orange, and liquid cayenne.  If you’ve tried MasterCleanse before, this mix will be familiar to you! The citrus fruits pack a ton of vitamin C for an instant energy boost with the power to fight off whatever bug a compromised immune system might not be. Liquid cayenne ups your metabolism, plus it helps flush liver and kidneys. The Wake Up is also great for those trying to lower their caffeine intake – try it!


Long Day At Work – Rabbit, Run

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If your workday is prone to stretching way beyond five – or just particularly good at cramming a lot of stress into 8 hours – Rabbit Run will be your new best friend. This one’s carrot-based, with apple and ginger for a bit of bite. Headaches will be less pronounced, as the carrot and ginger boosts your immune system and reduces inflammation. Make this juice a habit, and you’ll also notice your hair, skin and nails will look even better.


Too Much Take-out – The Good

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This is a classic green juice for those whose diets might be a bit lacking. A salad for when you’re not really feeling a salad, The Good is made from romaine, celery, spinach and cucumber. All those greens will detox the junk you’ve been eating, and help bring the glow back to your skin. Himalayan rock salt and lemon prevent it from tasting too green, though – this one’s easy to drink and easy to love.


The Everyday – Deep Roots

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If you want to add juice to your everyday routine, Deep Roots is a great pick. Beets are surprisingly sweet when juiced, so beginners will love this one. Add crowd-pleasing carrot, apple, celery and lemon and you have a winner. This juice will keep your immune system running smoothly, regulate your hormones (seriously!) and start cleaning out your blood and lungs over time. You’ll also noticed increased endurance next time you hit the gym.


When You Absolutely Can’t Be Sick Right Now – The Boosters

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These pocket-sized healthy shots are ideal when you feel a cold coming on – drink them in one gulp and you’ll be back to normal in no time. Our favourite, the Flu Shot, has active echinacea, Reishi, codonopsis, astragalus, oil of oregano and lemon, but their five Booster options have the cure for whatever ails you.


Greenhouse also sells cleanses and fresh-pressed nut milks, so they have something for everyone from your most crunchy-granola friend to your super-picky nephew. Stop by their Briar Hill location or visit them on Instagram to learn more!

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All images sourced from Greenhouse Juice Co. on Instagram