The Good Press in Yorkville

July 31st, 2014

The Good Press in YorkvilleIt’s been a while since we shared with you some of our favourite new and hot shops in Yorkville and we figured what better time to do it than in the summer? We’re right in the middle of the best season to spend your afternoons strolling around Toronto’s favourite neighbourhood! On one of these summer strolls, be sure to pop by the new juice shop The Good Press.

The Good Press in Yorkville

The Good Press opened up a few months ago and has become a very popular hotspot for its fresh-pressed juices and smoothies. Everything here is organic and locally sourced when it’s available. For those not in the know, “cold-pressed juicing” refers to grinding up fruits and vegetables into a thick pulp and then squeezing out the juice, rather than using a regular juicer. This helps to preserve the nutrients that you need and want in your juice.


There are plenty of flavours of juice to choose from – including the usual carrot, beet, orange or apple – and then there are the blends. We like our juices green so we usually get the All Greens which has almost a bit of every green vegetable that’s out there – from kale to cucumber, romaine lettuce to celery. Then there are smoothies like the Berry Burst (strawberries, banana, orange) and Tropicalia (pineapple, mango,  coconut oil, orange). The best thing on their menu would have to be their popsicles. They’re perfect for the summer months! They’re made in house and with organic, fresh ingredients and sweetened with maple syrup!


If you want to add juices to your diet, come to our neighbourhood and try The Good Press to bring a new healthy regimen into your life.