Building Toronto Luxury Condos for Well Being

October 5th, 2017

Over the past five years, Toronto’s real estate market has grown to be the one of the hottest in North America. With more and more projects on the go to keep up with increasing demand, it’s tempting for condo developers to settle for second-best. However, this hasn’t been the case for Toronto based developer BAZIS, whose luxury condos have been the subject of much acclaim, setting a new standard in design and ingenuity.


When you first set foot in the lobby of one of their buildings, it’s easy to see why. BAZIS has taken a holistic approach to architecture and design, helping to create a relationship between personal well-being and architecture, understanding that living space has an impact on how one feels.  Their Emerald Park, Exhibit, 1 Yorkville and eCondos locations feature expansive lobbies and lounge areas, bathed in natural light, highlighting the glazed stone and marble finishes.  They’ve also incorporated dramatic punches of colour to evoke a positive emotional response, offering guests a preview of what awaits inside.


It’s not uncommon for Condos situated in metropolitan areas across Europe and North America, to be limited in the amount of space they can offer.  BAZIS understood this issue, so before planning layouts, they tasked their designers to focus on ways to use light and proportions to create the perception of a larger space, while maximizing the utility of living spaces.


Lighting is an incredibly important aspect of feelings and well-being. Sunlight has been proven to elevate mood, boost energy and strengthen the immune system; all while helping to better mental health by reducing anxiety and the risk of Seasonal Affective Disorder.  The large expanse of windows and balconies, characteristic of BAZIS suites, not only provide access to lots of natural light but incredible city views as well.


Access to public spaces is also a factor BAZIS takes into careful consideration when deciding the location of their residences, giving residents the opportunity to socialize and connect, helping to foster a sense of community. Each BAZIS luxury condo comes equipped with shared amenity spaces as well. Entertainment rooms, lounges, rooftop gardens and outdoor dining areas, are just some of the amenities featured, creating hubs of interaction.  Residents can also book party rooms, allowing them to host friends and family during the holidays, in a private, comfortable setting.


Physical activity is important to health and well-being, as well, which is why every BAZIS community offers state-of-the-art fitness facilities. Equipped with yoga studios, spa lounges, as well as indoor and outdoor pools, having direct access to these services, facilitates physical activity, suited to a variety of schedules and lifestyles. Exercise is critical in reducing the risks of chronic illness, diabetes and heart disease.  


Another advantage of being situated in exclusive neighbourhoods is access to some of the best parks and shops Toronto has to offer; as well as quick access to transit, all on foot, ranking high in walkability score. This ability to quickly and easily access amenities allows residents to experience a more stress-free lifestyle, while also reducing their carbon footprint.


When it comes to another factor for well-being, safety, BAZIS has also considered factors for protecting its’ residents, while respecting individual privacy. All BAZIS communities feature 24-hour security, surveillance cameras, card-lock parking entries, and more, offering safety and peace of mind.  


Finally, when life becomes a bit too hectic, in some BAZIS condos like 1 Yorkville, a concierge service is on call 24-7 to lend you that extra bit of support and help when you need it. Personal shopping, errands, and life’s little inconveniences are covered.


For BAZIS, design isn’t exclusive to unique architectural style; it’s crafting a contemporary, living experience for a changing world for the better.