No Winter Blues for Condo Dwellers

January 12th, 2017


Condo living has many year round benefits, but perhaps the most rewarding season for condo dwellers is winter. With perks such as the following, it’s easy to see the rise in condo popularity.

Parking Garages

With condo living usually comes an underground parking spot, which means not having to worry about warming up the car, brushing off the snow or scraping off an impenetrable layer of ice. It also means you can easily walk to and from your vehicle without tracking snow back to your door when you return.


The most obvious benefit of condo living is not having to shovel snow. Snow removal is taken care of by building maintenance as well as salting icy areas to prevent slips and falls.

Winter Repairs

During winter months, issues such as a leaky roof or a pipe bursting from the cold are usually not a concern. In the event winter repairs are necessary, they too are the responsibility of the building maintenance.

Taking out the Trash

Condominiums have a refuse room in the building where the garbage is collected. This means there is no need to get dressed in layer upon layer of winter attire just to take out the trash.

Winter Clean Up

Living in a condo building with a foyer means visiting guests will not be tracking snow up to your front door.

Staying Social

If your building is equipped with amenities such as pools, saunas, gyms and party rooms you can remain social with your neighbors all winter long rather than going into hibernation. This also saves on costly memberships at other facilities.

If you happened to get snowed in and are in need of company you can call upon your neighbors and floor mates for an instant party.


It’s reassuring to know that while you are away from your condo, whether attending a holiday party or going away on a sunny vacation during the winter, that your home is well protected by building security.

With benefits like these our happy condo owners can avoid the wintery blues and just sit back and relax in their warm, welcoming home