Transit systems around the world part II

January 17th, 2013

Last year, our list of the most beautiful subway stations in the world was quite a hit. So we’re back again with another compilation of breathtaking photos of subway stations around the world. Enjoy!

Toledo metro station, Naples


napoli metro

The Toledo Metro Station, designed by the architect Oscar Tusquets Blanca, is burrowed fifty meters into the earth and the the bowels of the station are built below the ground water. Designed around the themes of light and water, this station makes you feel like you are under the sea.

Bockenheimer Warte station, Franfkfurt

frankfurt metro

The dramatic entrance to the Bockenheimer Warte station looks like a train bursting through the sidewalk from below. It certainly got our attention. Architect Zbiginiew Peter Pininski said he was inspired by surrealist artist René Magritte when creating it.

Slavyansky Bulvar metro station, Moscow

metro russia

Typical Moscow metro stations tend to resemble underground palaces like this. The Slavyansky Bulvar station is an exception to this rule. Opened on September 7th, 2008, it is one of the newest additions to the Moscow subway system and its wrought iron and lamps are a modern interpretation of the Parisian metro.

Westminster underground station, London





We really dig the dystopian look of this station. The industrial texture of the concrete structures, the stainless steel escalators and the pinkish light from the overhead lighting makes it look like it belongs in a sci-fi flick like Blade Runner.

Arts et Métiers metro station, Paris

arts metiers
Belgian comic artist François Schuiten turned the tunnels of the Arts et Métiers metro station into a steampunk-style submarine, taking inspiration from Jules Verne’s Nautilus. The polished copper walls with portholes, huge cogs on the ceiling, carved wooden seats and brass detailing make it a world away from your usual commute.

Olaias metro station, Lisbon

lisbon metro


Olaias metro station in Lisbon is among the 10 most beautiful metro stations in the world, according to CNN. It’s not hard to see why. The use of stained glass gives this station a contemporary, colourful and mesmerizing effect.

North Greenwich station, London

london north green

England continues to blow us away with their amazing metro stations and North Greenwich is no exception. It was designed to cope with the large number of visitors expected at the O2 and it can handle around 20,000 passengers an hour. Mind blowing!

Just in case you missed part I of our series, you can check it out here.