Smart Technology for Your Home

March 22nd, 2019

 smart home technology nanoleaf canvas in bedroom

Are you excited about what the future holds for homeowners? There are so many amazing new home innovations just around the corner. Here are a few of our favourites for the living room, kitchen and bath.

Living Room Lighting

What smart interior design professionals know (and you probably don’t!) is that lighting is a sure-fire way to make a home appear well-put-together. Lighting is perhaps a more important element in a home than a large investment into designer furnishings or even art.

That’s because, with lighting, it’s often not what you see, but what you don’t see. The right accent lighting can illuminate dark corners or accentuate your favourite decor.

Some really exciting new products are becoming more commonplace in the home.

Nanoleaf light panels can be controlled by your phone, Google Home, or Siri, and can respond to music, making it a really neat addition to a room. The modular design can be mounted in different shapes and combinations. What’s neat about this lighting is that it can be functional as well as fun. Nanoleaf comes in square panels right now, but soon you can look for a triangle or hexagonal shapes, too.

For more smart lighting choices in a wide array of more traditional configurations, check out HUE from Philips (Signify). This lighting system is designed to work with all major voice-activated media and comes in thousands of colour options. It can be configured much like Nanoleaf to work with your lighting needs in each room, at each time of day. The light options vary so you can create lighting for your mood or task.

Smart Kitchen Gadgets

Also this year, exciting new technology was introduced for the kitchen. For example, Whirlpool introduced a new Connected Hub Wall Oven. This device promises to make the kitchen experience a little more connected, with a promise to solve the “what’s for dinner?” problem, technology-guided cooking, as well as access to family calendars and more.

What’s also really neat about this oven, is that you can check on your food without opening the door and losing heat. You can peek through the internal vision system and even zoom in really close to decide whether it’s done or not.

For meal planning and more, check out Samsung’s Bixby-enabled refrigerator. This fridge keeps an inventory of what’s inside, guides you into making healthy choices, and can even help you plan meals based on what you have at home.

You can peek inside the fridge while you’re at the grocery store!

Other neat features about this fridge: you watch TV while cooking, play music, look at the family calendar, order a pizza and more.

Technology in the Bathroom

With Kohler Konnect, your bathroom just got updated, Jetsons-style. This collection of bathroom appliances are connected using iOS and Android devices and are capable of some pretty great things:

Veil Lighting 

Integrated synchronized lighting options that are voice or motion-controlled.

Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror 

You can actually ask your mirror: “who’s the fairest of them all…!” Verdera is illuminated and has integrated speakers so you always get the right ambiance in the bathroom.

Numi Intelligent Toilet 

This toilet has personal cleansing and drying options as well as built-in speakers and has ambient and surround lighting, which is ideal for the late night visit.

DTV Shower System 

Pick your favourite shower experience with lighting, temperature and water flow, and create a pre-set. You’ll always get the same great shower experience

PerfectFill Technology 

Draw your bath without the wait. The perfect-fill technology can optimize your temperature and find the perfect depth for you.

You can find even more details about Kohler Konnect’s amazing bathroom innovations here.


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