The most luxurious train station. Ever.

May 24th, 2013

We really appreciate outstanding design and architecture here at Bazis, so you can imagine our excitement when we discovered that one of our favourite architects Zaha Hadid, has designed a luxurious and grand train station for none other than Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) Metro Station is set to be complete in just four years – a construction marvel, no doubt – and is believed to resemble the blowing sand dunes of the desert.


This gold-lined masterpiece will be home to three metro lines and a monorail. With four floors, six platforms and underground parking – it’s perfect for the ever growing population of one of Saudi Arabia’s busiest cities.


Unsurprisingly, the design is impeccable and perfectly suited for Saudi  Arabia.  The station is designed to let the light in to its (expectedly) gold and porcelain-lined buiding, but keep the heat from the glaring desert sun out.


We sure wouldn’t mind if the Eglington LRT station that will be constructed next to E Condos looked anything like the photos above!