A Look at DesignAgency’s Impressive Portfolio

February 7th, 2014

Last year, we spoke with Allen Chan from the DesignAgency – the team responsible for the interior design of 1 Yorkville. We briefly mentioned their impressive design portfolio but let’s jump in and take a look at three selections of their work that we particularly love.

Generator Hostel (Barcelona) – For this project DesignAgency collaborated with local architects, suppliers and artists to create a design that reflects the local spirit and culture of Barcelona. The design is modern but also takes inspiration from Barcelona’s nautical history and Catalonia’s cultural influence on the city. Our favourite feature is definitely the “Bird Cage,” which is the lobby pavilion accented by three hanging loungers within 23-foot high wooden boards resembling the ribs of a ship’s hull. We also love the 300 lanterns that float above the reception area, which were were inspired by Barcelona’s energy and sunlight. DesignAgency has also worked on the other Generator Hostels across Europe including Dublin and Berlin, one launching soon in Paris!

generator barcelona hostel-reception area generator barcelona hostel exterior generator_lowres-3-copyImages via Generator Hostel

Brassaii (Toronto) – In 2010, Brassaii re-opened its doors and unveiled a new interior, a new menu and a new chef. For the redesign, the DesignAgency brought in large antique wooden doors from Egypt and built a bar out of limestone, glass and steel. Old meets new in the design aesthetic of the restaurant which plays on the architectural history of the former factory building. It’s called ‘urban archaeology’ and is also a fusion of a variety of cultures. Picture a “French renaissance [with a] modern, edge-seeking vibe.” Colour us impressed!

brassaii venue brassaii-venue-024Images via Brassaii

Momofuku (Toronto) – Momofuku Toronto opened its doors in 2012 and has quickly become a fan favourite among foodies in the city. The restaurant is awe-inspiring – a mix of Asian elements with American ambiance creates the perfect atmosphere for all three floors of the restaurant. DesignAgency’s co-founder Anwar Mekyach even visited the New York location to get a better understanding of Chef and Founder David Chang vision. The Toronto location is so simple yet incredibly elegant – the white oak, the concrete, the glass – it all comes together so well and is exactly what Chang wanted.

8028619681_1e84ef7164_o 8028656655_7081ab3d85_oImages via Renee Suen (Flickr)

Can’t wait to see what DesignAgency has up their sleeves for 1 Yorkville!