Fall 2018 Design Trends

August 30th, 2018

The year of the wheel turns again, and we find ourselves slipping back into fall. As we look forward to big cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes and crisp fall days, we can also begin to turn our attention inwards, to the home.

We’ve curated a few interior design trends here for you. While navy and gold still dominate dramatic colour schemes, this year, it’s mixed with pastels. We’re also seeing unique ways to mix natural and high-gloss luxury materials.

What’s really timeless is organic design. Green is a soothing colour that injects happiness into our lives. So we recommend devoting a room to the colour green. Lush fabrics, real plants, statement area rugs, even verdigris accents work.

What will inspire you?


BAZIS Condos Towns Design Trends Navy Blue


Dramatic Navy and Gold… with Pink?

Navy and gold is a classic combination. The shine of the gold takes a dark and moody room and perks it right up. Now, add pink as a unifying element, and everything changes.

If you’re not ready to paint with pink, try adding a splash of the colour with fresh picked or high-quality silk arrangements.


BAZIS Condos Towns Design Trends Neutral Pink


Pink is the New Neutral

Both of these images are lovely because they show a shade of blush that isn’t too feminine. The solid white and charcoal colours, along with the style of furnishing makes it look more like a neutral than a pastel.


BAZIS Condos Towns Design Trends Natural Modern


Polished Rustic

In the images shown, we can see how rustic materials don’t need to look ‘cottage-y’. What’s new here is the way the rustics are paired with high gloss, linear furnishings and angular lighting for a modern rustic look. Take for example the barn board feature wall with a high gloss tiled floor and modern furnishings, or the textured wallpaper that mimics the look of an arabesque slate pattern, paired with modern geometric chairs.


Finally, the wall treatment behind the cabinets in this kitchen bring the outdoors in, but in an entirely clean and fresh way, in shades of grey, white and black.


BAZIS Condos Towns Design Trends Emerald Green


Green is the Colour of Life

Not seen in some time in homes (since the 80’s?) emerald green can be incorporated into a room’s design when used minimally and paired with neutrals.  Try for example a grouping of cactus plants, or a single statement chair. The emerald chair sistered with a chartreuse chair is completely unique.

If emerald green is a little too much of a good thing, try its’ neutral cousin: sage. This muted colour has a wide appeal because it is so calming to look at.


The beautiful thing is you can incorporate these ideas into your own home today. Try mixing up your cupboard hardware or lighting with a brass or gold counterpart. Add a blush pillow or cozy sofa blanket just in time for a chilly winter’s evening. Or, bring in the elements of wood, natural stone or even a grouping of vibrant greenhouse plants to liven up your space this fall.