Amazing Features in the World’s Tallest Buildings

September 19th, 2014

We’ve given our recent obsession with travel homes and vacation hotspots a rest because we have another cool architecture-focused post we’ve been itching to share with you. Tall, looming skyscrapers are kind of our thing. We love building developments that make a statement, like our 1 Yorkville or our E Condos, but we also like admiring other awesome buildings.

These buildings are not only super tall, but they also have some pretty cool features. 

Obsession: Worlds Tallest Buildings

The Canton Tower, China


The Canton Tower has some pretty impressive features. There’s the world’s highest ferris wheel that takes approximately a half-hour to spin full cycle, then there’s also the world’s highest viewing platform at 488 metres, and we can’t forget the many cool observation decks at various floors.

Willis Tower, US

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 1.19.03 PM

The Willis Tower is one of the tallest buildings in North America, and it boasts the popular yet frightening attraction, The Ledge! It’s basically a glass balcony that extends four feet outside the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower. Thousands of people go to take their picture in the glass box, and admission ranges from $12-$19.

The CN Tower, Canada


We can’t talk about glass and towers without mentioning the CN Tower’s glass floor! Visitors to the Toronto landmark can take in one awesome view of the city while looking through the glass floor – from 1,122’ above! The floor is 256 sq. ft. of solid glass that can withstand the weight of 14 large hippos.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Hong Kong


The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is one of the fanciest hotel chain in the world, and this particular hotel in Hong Kong is home to the world’s highest swimming pool! The indoor infinity pool is paired with the gym – which just so happens to be on the top floor of the 1,588 ft tall building! You can overlook all of Hong Kong from the pool which might not be good if you’re afraid of heights!

The Petronas Towers, Malaysia


We’ve talked about these towers before on the blog, but the double decker sky bridges that connect the towers justifies reason enough to mention them again! It’s the world’s highest skybridge and it symbolizes “a gateway to the future” and overlooks the beautiful Kuala Lumpur at 170 metres above ground.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai


The Burj Khalifa is mentioned on our blog at least once every few months, because it’s just that impressive. It’s the world’s tallest building (for now) and features the world’s highest public outdoor observation terrace at the 124th floor, overlooking the ever growing skyline of the neighbourhood and beyond. To get there, you have to also get on one of the world’s fastest elevators, so hold on tight!