10 Instagram Accounts Every Architecture-Lover Must Follow

June 19th, 2014

We spend hours just scrolling from Instagram account to Instagram account, checking out the latest snaps from architects, designers and fans worldwide. That’s the beauty of Instagram, isn’t it? An unlimited amount of pictures for those with any interest. Ours just happens to be architecture and design! Here are 10 of our favourite Instagram accounts that every budding architect, and/or design-lover should follow:

@franparente is an architectural and interior design photographer based in New York, and his photographs unveil his love for his city.

@urbanscape is on this list because of his or her great snaps of Tokyo’s cityscape.

@ivozwek takes pictures all over Europe, though he is based in Holland.

@thedoorsofnewyork really needs no explanation. This Instagram photographer takes pictures of cool doors all around New York.

@snohetta is an integrated architecture and design firm based in Oslo and New York with projects all around the world, including in Canada’s own Calgary.

@fernandogguerra is an architectural photographer from Portugal with a real eye for talent and design. Ask any architect you know and they’ll tell you all about him.

@leemindel is the man behind The Architect’s Eye, a sub-blog within Architectural Digest.

@vdubl captures architecture and design in Hong Kong, with the odd stint elsewhere.

@chaiwalla is definitely one of our favourite. He’s from London originally, but now lives in Stockholm taking snaps of urban architecture and other cool things in and around his ‘hood.

And last but definitely not least, Toronto-based @jpbombales! He shoots the coolest buildings, and ‘things’ in Toronto.

Which Instagram accounts do you follow? Let us know below or on Twitter!