Yorkville’s Exhibit is on Display

August 28th, 2014


It’s always a pleasure checking out Exhibit because after our tour with the construction crew we like to take off our steel-toed boots and stroll through Yorkville! We went by on a gorgeous day to check out the progress and here’s what we found.


Construction is ongoing at the P1 level of the parking garage which will be above ground. There are no levels beneath the ground floor so no digging was necessary and instead we’re building up! 

IMG_2191In these photos you can see the decking taking place. That means the construction crew is installing the rebar to prepare for the concrete pour which will soon create the beams.

We’re working to finish the first level parking garage and after that phase of construction is complete we’ll be moving beyond the second level above ground. As construction progresses into the fall, you’ll start to see the height of Exhibit increase! 





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