Exhibit Construction Update: September

September 17th, 2015

Welcome to our newest Exhibit construction update! We’re making tons of progress on our project at Bloor & Avenue, and the architeture is really starting to take shape. Here’s what we’ve been up to this summer!

Last time we checked in, the crew was working on the 19th floor, as well as windows, balcony railings and finishing up in the underground garage. Here’s a snap from July:

Here’s where we’re at right now:


In these photos, you can see that the garage windows, balcony railings and suite windows are installed up to about the 11th floor. The ground floor curtain wall is also in progress, which is a longer process we’re working through right on time. We’re also almost done with the mock-up suite, which creates the template for finishing the suites many of you will one day call home. Suite framing is underway and complete until the 5th floor.
If you’ve been by the site recently, you’ll have noticed we’ve added lots of height! We’re currently on the 23rd floor. If you’re familiar with the plans, you’ll know that the final cube “twist” happens on the 24th, so we’re almost there. 
Three cubes down, one to go! Here’s what the top will look like:
We’re thrilled with the site progress at Exhibit. It’s always exciting when a project really starts to look like the finished product, and we’re well underway on that here. See you next month!
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