Shoring now uderway at Exhibit

April 4th, 2013

Back in January, we promised that shoring at Exhibit would begin in April and we’re happy to report that everything is going according to plan! All the buildings onsite have been demolished. The backfill and bulk excavation has started and the shoring will commence in about 2 weeks.

We’re pretty pleased with the progress so far and all systems are go to proceed with everything according to plan! Let’s take a quick look back at all the activity at Exhibit since the beginning of this year.


Late in January, we began the interior demolition work and Toronto had to say goodbye to their beloved Mc Donalds on Bloor and Avenue. Don’t worry though, the McDonalds will be back on the ground floor of Exhibit with a new sleek, European-style makeover.

2013-01-29 11.09.18

2013-01-29 11.16.29

IMG-20130208-00065 (1)

A few weeks later, Toronto experienced one of its worst snowstorm in years. But that didn’t deter the TMG construction crew. They got up early and braved the icy conditions to continue the demolition work at Exhibit.

Toronto-20130208-00073 (1)


The demolition gradually progressed and by mid-March, all that was left were the back buildings.


And then before you knew it, all the demolition was done!


We can’t wait until Exhibit looks like this!