Emerald Park winter update

February 19th, 2013

It’s time for another update from Emerald Park!The big snowstorm that we had a couple of weeks ago,  didn’t slow us down. In fact, it was business as usual for us at Emerald Park. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.


On the west side, we’re doing the sofit work on the P2 level. The sofit is the form work that holds up the 2nd floor slab. The verticals are also 80% done on the west side.


On the east side of the site, we’re currently doing the balance of the ground floor and we’re also working on the steel beams and the reinforcements.


We’re currently pouring the second floor and this will continue until mid-next week and is the first of four pours. The crane will be elevated again when 2nd floor is poured.


The sprinkler lines are now up to P2 and we will resume installation once the podium is completed in April.

The sheet metal is underneath the form work and installation is progressing every day. The electricians are installing the permanent light fixtures in the parking garage and they are now at p5 and working their way up.


The drain lines have been hung up to P2 but nothing has been connected yet. We don’t want the grit and the sand to collect in the drain lines so we’ll wait until the ground floor is capped off and then we’ll connect all the drains.


A lot more will be going up in the air in the next few months on both the east and west sides. Very soon, they’ll be columns going up to the 3rd level on both sides. It’ll be quite impressive from the street. When owners do a drive by, they’ll be seeing a lot more.



A special shout out and thanks to to the steel workers who braved the snowstorm and came to work in the cold. We appreciate all your hard work!