The Latest from the TTC

December 10th, 2014

It has been a great year for the TTC with lots of new changes and announcements. Our buildings that are currently under construction are in some major transit hot-spots and any changes to the TTC will have an effect on our purchasers day-to-day lives, so we want to give you a run-down of what’s new.


New Streetcars

This year, the TTC unveiled brand new streetcars that have been running up and down Spadina, one of the city’s busiest streetcar lines. The new vehicles, which look more like mini trains, are decked out with all of the latest tech. They have fare machines so riders can enter through all doors and pay once they’re on the vehicle, and they’ve gotten rid of the yellow lines that alert the driver to stop – it’s all about the buttons now! We’re looking forward to seeing these awesome street cars all over the city.



Presto is the prepaid transit fare card that works across 10 transit systems in the GTA, Hamilton and Ottawa and is now available at some TTC stations around the city. If you’re getting on at Union, Bloor-Yonge, and St. George, among many others, you’ll be able to just tap and go. The best part? The card is prepaid so you can refill online avoid the monthly Metropass lines!

WiFi on the subway

The update that might hit closest to home for some of our purchases is the fact that both St. George and Bloor-Yonge stations now have free WiFi! Stay connected longer with less down time on your morning and evening commutes – pretty great stuff.