Construction Update: E Condos

August 4th, 2015

It’s been a month since we last updated you on E Condos, our project going up at Yonge and Eglinton – to see our last construction update, head this way.

Things are coming along in the E8 Tower! Tiebacks have been completed and excavation of E8 is down to the dewatering elevation, meaning the dewatering process will start this week! That means we’ve hit groundwater, which we’ll have to drain before construction can continue at E8.


20150715_080002 (1024x576)

20150715_075002 (1024x576)

20150729_111656 (1024x576)

20150729_110538 (1024x576)

20150729_111647 (1024x576)

In our last update, we mentioned that the E8 shoring was getting started. That’s since been completed, and the shoring at E15 is about 75% completed as of this week. That means tieback drilling – the process of reinforcing our build with steel rods – will commence when we’re done!

20150717_110038 (1024x576)

20150717_105113 (1024x576)

20150717_110015 (1024x576)

We can’t wait until this building gets above ground, but the foundational progress is some of the most important and we’re thrilled with the progress our amazing construction crew is making so far. Want to know more about living at Yonge & Eg? Check out all our Yonge & Eg stories, and E Condos construction updates, here.

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