Construction Forging Ahead at Emerald Park!

June 19th, 2013

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We set a new record at Emerald Park this month! In June we pumped more concrete and placed more steel than we’ve done in any other month, so work is progressing quite well and everyone is working together to reach our goals.

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Speaking of goals, we are hoping to have the entire 4th floor poured by the end of the month, including the swimming pool. We are also hoping to be at typical by the end of July. The building becomes typical after the 5th floor, and our goal is to complete one floor per building per week once we reach that level.

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Because we’re approaching the “typical” build relatively soon, our team is working hard to coordinate all of the upcoming work so that we are fully prepared to forge ahead with our schedule and goals.

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For example, we’re coordinating all the interior finishes so that we’ll be on target with workflow once the windows are installed (hopefully by the end of the summer). Once we get the windows in on the entire envelope of each floor, we’ll be able to forge ahead!

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In addition, the masonry work is 95% done on the P1 level. We’re now also getting ready to put in 2 pumps on the 3rd floor so that we’ll be able to pump concrete to each individual tower on it’s own pumping system.

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We’re pleased with all the progress at Emerald Park lately, none of which would have been possible without all of the hard work put in by the awesome TMG construction crew. Hats off to you guys, we appreaciate all the hardwork!