Last Emerald Park construction update for 2012

December 10th, 2012

Time flies so quickly. It’s hard to believe that we posted our first construction update from Emerald Park back in June. emerald park condo construction

There has been a lot of activity on site since then and the P1 slab is now complete.

The ground Floor of Tower B is decked.

And the decking podium on the ground floor is 60% done.

Meanwhile, the ramp P1 to ground level is 70% done.

And the perimeter walls on Tower A is also 70% done.

We plan to have another floor poured before Christmas and at the start of the New Year, we’ll be working on the verticals up to the 2nd floor on Tower B.

Even though the end of the year is fast approaching, we’re far from slowing down. We’re also making progress at Exhibit Residences so we’ll have new updates for you in the New Year!