Emerald Park construction update: Fall edition

October 4th, 2012

There’s been a lot going on at Emerald Park since our last update so lets just dive right in shall we?

The last bit of slab for P4 is poured and the whole level is now complete.

The concrete pouring is now complete too on the mezzanine level of the Western tower.

The slab has been poured for the 3 story water tank that will be on the North East corner of the site. The tank is for irrigation and re-cycling of the water to be used throughout the buildings.


This week we started pouring the last bit of slab on the parking level of the podium section.



We will begin the pouring and waterproofing of the perimeter walls shortly.

And finally, work has begun on the base of the retail elevators on the eastern side of the site.

We’ll be back with another construction update in the next few weeks so visit or blog regularly and follow us on Twitter.