Meet the 1 Yorkville team

October 10th, 2013

We believe that behind every great development is an even better team, so we’d like to introduce you to the talent behind 1 Yorkville.

Rosario Varracalli

You’re probably already familiar with world renowned architect Rosario Varacalli, whose portfolio includes avant-garde developments like Emerald Park, Exhibit and E Condos. Rosario creates buildings that are part of the city fabric; that is, buildings that belong to the street, to the skyline, to the city.

DesignAgency is also a member of the 1 Yorkville team and they create innovative and custom designed spaces to help elevate the customer experience. Their impressive collection includes MomofukuThe Shangri-La and the Generator Hostel in Barcelona.


With both DesignAgency and Rosario Varacalli on our team, we know that 1 Yorkville will change your perspective on what it means to live in Toronto!

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