Inspired Architecture and Ideal Location Attract Purchasers to 1 Yorkville

May 29th, 2014

1 Yorkville Condos

Our own 1 Yorkville was featured in New Condo Guide Magazine this month! You can read the full article here:

When Jack, a Toronto-based I.T. manager and his wife set out to buy a new condominium in the city’s core, they set their expectations high right out of the gate: The location had to be very central; the architecture inspired and the property luxurious without feeling too stuffy.

After countless research and countless site visits, Jack felt somewhat disillusioned by the cookie cutter offerings on the market. Everything was the same; molded by similar design and familiar construction. Where had the originality gone? Where, in Toronto, could you find a space that suited your personal tastes and ideal of luxury?


Call it happenstance or due diligence, but after exhaustive measures, meetings and cross-neighbourhood walks with his wife, Jack finally came across a property that spoke to him in a way that all prior hadn’t: 1 Yorkville. “First off, the architecture is beyond stunning,” says Jack. “For me, this is everything: It’s completely breaking the mold on what is the typical and boring buildings on-offer in Toronto.”

At first glance, you can appreciate his enthusiasm. The stunning building – designed by award-winning architect Rosario Varacalli – will be Toronto’s foremost in design, a building that not only demonstrates considerable creativity but also connects to the community. Wrapped in faceted metallic ribbons, the tower is singular, slender and elegant. The ribbons produce a unique interplay of shadow and light, which move across the textured surface to great the most glittering effect across the cityscape. Jack concurs: “The shimmering of the façade and the way the ribbons connect and weave. It is just so gorgeous!”

Another key highlight? Location, location, location. “My wife and I walk around Yorkville all of the time and it just has this beautiful buzz to it. Whether you’re grabbing an espresso, an ice cream or shopping at one of the many boutiques, the village is where we spend a lot of our weekends, and so that was also a major contributor to buying. It’s right in the heart of it all.”


Beyond aesthetics and proximity, the roots of its design are also of note and were integral in Jack’s decision-making process. Built above the fully restored Yorkville Village buildings – dating back to the 1860s – the meticulous preservation work was overseen by the city’s premier heritage specialists with the aim to pay homage to the city’s rich history. “I did my research,” he says passionately “and know that these structures have a solid history. I like the fact the developer has a conscience to preserve this historical era gone by highlighting these buildings as opposed to demolishing them. It’s great to preserve some of the past while meshing it together with the future.”

This mix of the past and present is a nice interplay 1 Yorkville also explores with its services and amenities as well. Their mandate? To at once, offer traditional and classic benefactions owners are familiar with, while also making the offering fresh, modern and one-of-a-kind. “The three-floor amenity space truly stands out and is unlike anything I’ve seen elsewhere,” says Jack. “The outdoor movie theatre on the top floor is lovely and the fitness rooms will certainly encourage my wife and I to exercise more.”

To wit: The spa, which boasts meditation classes, a juice bar and zen gardens. The exercise level, which offers the much-buzzed-about Cross-Fit space, Pilates studio and full-functioning fitness gallery and, not to be missed: the aforementioned rooftop entertainment level which is the best recipe for a great summer in Toronto, complete with inspiring city views, BBQs and sun decks. “It’s a robust space that goes above and beyond what is typical in condominium amenities,” says Jack. “Everything you want or need you can find here.”

All of this is to say that 1 Yorkville is committed. Committed to living up to its five-star distinction and devout in providing a higher and more exclusive level of catering to its residents. In particular instance, considerable thought went into their 1 Yorkville Signature Concierge. Staff is handpicked and the privileges they afford to their members is unlimited, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Residents enjoy unrivalled access to the world’s top-tiered restaurants, preferential rates and reservations to the theatre or opera. No request is too demanding, no ask too large.

Luxury is all about living a lovely life and this was not remiss in 1 Yorkville’s interiors either. It takes attention to detail to create a beautiful space and the lush suites on offer mean you can relish a five-star lifestyle within the comforts of your own home. The aesthetic is rife with hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling expansive windows and European-style kitchens, whereas the overall design of the principal rooms is an open concept so as to appreciate the necessity for comfort. Jack opted for the two-bedroom, two-bath suite. “My wife and I just fell in love with the layout and the fact it was a corner suite. The views are quite amazing. We also couldn’t help but be intrigued by the exquisite European cabinetry in the kitchen – very inspired.”

“I’m not a snob,” says Jack resolutely, “but I do appreciate the finer things and being in an environment that has a story; has character. My wife and I are looking to retire at 1 Yorkville and we’re excited about living in a space that compliments our lifestyle and inspires us each day.”

1 Yorkville Presentation Lounge is now open at 162 Cumberland Street. or 416-519-2911.