Our answers to the most asked questions about 1 Yorkville

March 7th, 2014


Our architect Rosario Varacalli sure knows how to keep people talking. E Condos was the name on everyone’s lips when we announced the project 2 years ago and right now everyone can’t stop talking about how much they love 1 Yorkville. Over the past few months we’ve been inundated with questions about our new project, so we got Rosario to give us the answers to your most burning questions.


@BuzzBuzzHome: Can you tell us a bit about the balconies? Very well done, and would love to hear more. Thanks!

The balconies are located within the building envelope. They don’t protrude out, making the building look more uniform.

@dnbrwn: The building looks amazing. What’s the feature walls made of? Structural stud + dens glass + metal panel? Not precast is it? #1Yorkville

The sculptural ribbons are made out of metal.

@InsideCondos: How will the exterior affect the amount of sunlight in units?

The exterior sculptural ribbons have been coordinated with interior layouts of the suites to maximize views and sunlight.

@SavelSells: This may sound like a silly question, but how will the windows get cleaned? #askAarchitect

The windows will be cleaned by a swing stage platform that’s lowered from the roof to access the windows between the sculptural ribbons.

@TheRedPin: In your opinion what makes #1Yorkvillle stand out from other Yorkville developments?

A couple of things. The location, the unique architectural design, the retention and incorporation of heritage buildings with new modern design and the introduction of a new shopping laneway from Yorkville to Cumberland.