Exclusive Look at the First 1 Yorkville Rendering

October 29th, 2013
A few months ago when we introduced our latest project 1 Yorkville, we promised that you would be amazed with what we have to show you. We’d like to make good on that promise by giving you an exclusive look at the first rendering for our new project located at the corner of Yorkville Avenue and Yonge Street.
1 Yorkville Condos Toronto Rendering

As our architect Rosario Varracelli previously explained, “1 Yorkville will be distinguished from all the other condominium projects in Toronto because of three important factors: preservation, porosity and changing perspectives.”

1 Yorkville will be built above the fully restored Yorkville Village buildings that date to the 1860s. The meticulous preservation work — overseen by ERA Architects, Toronto’s premier heritage specialists — will involve the retention of the graceful historical facades as well as the entire original structure of the 19th century buildings. This is where the condominium’s boutique retail offerings will be housed.

We have always believed that buildings should be connected to the city and to the community, and this concept of porosity is reflected in 1 Yorkville, which is steps away from two subway lines and the PATH system. The development will also include a revitalized and widened 25-foot-wide pedestrian green walkway that will connect Cumberland Avenue to Yorkville Avenue.

1 Yorkville is also about changing perspectives, with a magnificent tower that’s clad in what Varacalli describes as “3D wallpaper” — a facade that creates dramatic changes in light, shadow and colour based on which direction you see the building from.

“It will always appear as though it’s changing, depending on the time of day, light, or direction,” says Varacalli.


The 1 Yorkville residences will be reflective of the building design and will offer a perspective not seen in any other luxury condominiums in Toronto. They will include one, two and three bedroom residences with many custom-designed features. Amenities will include a spa, a fitness level and rooftop entertainment level.

For this project, we’ll once again be joining forces with Plaza who we’ve collaborated with on our other landmark projects, including Exhibit Residences and Emerald Park. We’ve also enlisted the services of  the talented team at DesignAgency, who will be creating innovative and custom designed spaces for 1 Yorkville.

“1 Yorkville is a building that will stand out not only because of its stunning architecture and exquisite finishes, but also because of its magnificent amenities and exclusive services,” says Michael Gold, president of Bazis. “It will be like staying in a 6-star hotel at a 6-star location.”

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