8 Delicious Hors d’Oeuvres Ideas for Summer Entertaining

August 12th, 2022

Are you planning a get-together or special event this summer and want to delight your guests with some memorable food? Hors d’oeuvres are a fantastic way to do just that. Of course, chips, deviled eggs and veggies with dip are classic snacks to serve at your gatherings, but sometimes you want to give your guests something to talk about. When preparing hors d’oeuvres, presentation is key. Hors d’oeuvres should be enticing and beautiful. So, if you really want to wow your guests, relax and take a little extra care when preparing these gorgeous dishes. We’ve put together a collection of 8 absolutely delicious hors d’oeuvres to serve at your gatherings this summer. We know you’ll love them!

Image: Con Poulos

1. Grilled Squash Ribbons and Prosciutto with Mint Dressing

This hors d’oeuvre is simple, elegant and delicious. Grilled zucchini and squash ribbons on skewers are fantastic because they’re charred and crispy on the outside but juicy and flavourful on the inside. The mint dressing is zesty and refreshing.

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Image: Taste of Home

2. Meatballs with Chimichurri Sauce

Meatballs are always a huge hit at parties and these chimichurri meatballs are sure to make a splash! You can make them quickly using store-bought or you can slow cook them to perfection. Combined with this delicious South-American sauce made of fresh parsley and cilantro, they’re hearty with a pop of flavour.

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Image: Love and Lemons

3. Caprese Skewers

Who doesn’t love caprese salad? This colourful summer hors d’oeuvre is a playful take on the famous Italian salad. Made of fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and sweet balsamic glaze, these caprese skewers are bright, fresh, and juicy. Use different-coloured tomatoes and alternate with basil leaves to create a cheerful and colourful dish.

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Image: Recettes D’Ici

4. Scallop Vol-au-Vent Bites with Creamy Honey Sauce

This scallop vol-au-vent is a small hollow puff pastry that’s light and buttery, and filled with scallops and mouth-watering cream honey sauce. Stunning to look at it on a plate, this delicious, savoury and eye-catching amuse-bouche is sure to be a hit!

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Image: The Food Network

5. Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Figs
These bacon-wrapped stuffed figs are the perfect combination of sweet and savoury. The rich salty flavour of the bacon paired with the tart sweetness of the figs combined with creamy goat cheese is to die for! Make sure to make extra, as these will go fast!

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Image: Inspired by Charm

6. Walnut and Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms are so versatile. Rich and hearty in flavour, these walnut and blue cheese stuffed portobellos are a fantastic amuse-bouche and tasty seasonal treat. The blue cheese is pungent with a sharp flavour, while the walnut adds a bit of crunch and earthiness to the dish.

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Image: Julie Blanner

7. Zesty Tequila Lime Shrimp Skewers

If you love margaritas, you’ll love this light and delicious shrimp recipe! With its zesty, fresh citrus flavour, it’s the essence of a margarita in shrimp form. Quick and easy to assemble, these simple skewers look and taste great when charred on the grill.

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Image: Julie Blanner

8. Handheld Endive Salad

This hors d’oeuvre is one you can feel great serving. It’s gorgeous, healthy and bursting with flavour. With creamy Gorgonzola cheese, nutty walnuts and parsley or chives to garnish, it’s refreshing, simple and easy to make. Endive lettuce is also easy to hold, so it’s the perfect bite for your guests.

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