The Top 10 Interior Design and Décor Trends of 2023

January 9th, 2023

Creating a home you love to spend time in is an incredibly valuable pursuit. Since we spend a considerable amount of time at home, it influences our state of mind and well-being quite dramatically – and so cultivating an ambiance that suits the type of life you want to live can greatly enhance your quality of life. Whether you want to create a home that’s calm and Zen-like, a home that’s cozy and nostalgic, or somewhere in between, your personal values and taste are what should drive your interior design and décor choices. That being said, checking out the latest trends in the design world can also be a lot of fun – and whether you love them or hate them, they can help guide your own personal and unique choices for your new home or condo.

2022’s top design trends included maximalism or Grand Millenialism, natural elements, multi-functional spaces, colour, high-tech, and vintage and sustainable accents. Several of these trends are carrying over into 2023, including a move away from minimalism, a penchant for natural elements, and the increasing popularity of vintage items and sustainable design. Read on to learn more about the other trends that are dominating the interior design world this year.

Natural Elements

Incorporating natural materials – including woods, especially pine and warmer wood tones, stone, raw and organic textiles, and plants – into interior will continue to be a huge trend for 2023.

Colour palettes are also expected to reflect natural elements as soft, classic, earthy neutrals continue to dominate. Alongside cozy neutrals, interior design experts say that plums and mustards in more calming and deeper tones are also being added to the mix, carrying with the natural theme while adding more pops of colour – albeit muted, subtle shades. But colours can be earthy and calming – so look beyond the traditional neutrals like beige, brown, greens, and blues to more fun earthy shades.

Texture Everywhere

Building on the natural elements trend, texture will be a big theme for 2023. Natural and textured items tend to go together – think linen bedding, grasscloth wallpaper, natural wood furniture, woven shades, reed panelling, and natural stone in lighting fixtures and nightstands.

Texture will also be big on walls – we’ve seen plaster and limewash exploding in the design world in recent months, and these trends are expected to become more commonplace.

Wallpapered Powder Rooms

The wallpapered powder room is how you create a true “jewel box” in your home. The powder room is such a great place to play and have fun – adding patterns or colours that may be overwhelming in a larger space, but that spark joy and ignite your imagination in the cozy contains of a smaller room. Experiment with layered colours, texture, and unique decorative accessories to add visual interest and an element of surprise.

Personality-Driven Design

After the pandemic, many of us have spent more time at home than ever before – and so we’ve come to embrace the idea that our homes should be cozy and welcoming places. Gone are the days of extreme minimalism, with all-white walls and Pinterest-perfect rooms. Instead, homeowners and interior designers are embracing cozier spaces that feature personal collections, layered textiles, unique art, and a mix of old and new furnishings. It’s all about warmth, depth, and character now.

Vintage and Heirloom Furnishings

Connected with the drive toward personality-driven design is the rising popularity of vintage and heirloom pieces. Items that are vintage, antique, and hand-crafted, and that have been passed down over generations are generally high both in quality and in personal value, as they often have sentimental value and carry with them special memories and family stories. These pieces embrace nostalgia and give a respectful nod to the past. They’re also more sustainable – reuse and recycle is the motto here.

Sustainable Design

Vintage and heirloom pieces are sustainable, which is a big part of their appeal. More and more, consumers are mindful of choosing environmentally-friendly options. We want to know where our home furnishings were made, and how, and with what materials.

The move toward sustainable design can mean choosing antiques or perhaps an investment piece – anything that won’t end up in a landfill in a few years. It’s quality over quantity now, and people want to avoid cheaply-made furniture and passing trends. The name of the game here is selection and discernment – and we love to see it!

Eco-friendly design trends for 2023 also include using local, naturally-sourced materials for furnishings, indoor gardens and large-scale indoor plants, and items that are up-cycled or artisan-produced.

Wellness at Home

Wellness rooms are a major design trend right now, and they’re replacing the home gym as a more holistic, well-rounded option. A wellness room is completely customizable to your preferences and routine. Whether it includes a Peloton, a yoga mat, a meditation nook, a bench press, or a spa station, it’s sure to enhance your quality of life and to give you a special retreat space.

“Soft Modern” Kitchens

People still love modern kitchen designs, but modern kitchens can tend to be overly cold and impersonal. Homeowners who want a modern kitchen that still feels cozy and welcoming are embracing a new trend called “soft modern” kitchen design. According to design professionals, contrast is key here – layering in warm elements to juxtapose the more modern elements. This might mean using a very high-gloss finish for the cabinetry and offsetting it with a matte wood finish for open shelving or accent panels, for example.

This is a trend you’ll see reflected at our Queen Church condominium in downtown Toronto with Tridel.

Lighting as Art

Nothing sets the mood and ambiance in a home like great lighting. In 2023, lighting fixtures are making big statements and are more and more artistic and creative. Lighting is expected to become more sculptural with mixed materials incorporated into the pieces. So consider having more fun with your light fixtures – for example, by experimenting with size, scale, and proportion. Great new lamp shades are also available that use fabrics such as pleated linen and innovative new materials such as ceramic, so you can have more fun than ever with trendy light fixtures and shades.

Sconces and pendant lighting are also on the rise. These types of wall-mounted lights provide soft and beautiful lighting (unlike overhead lights, which can be a bit harsh) while also freeing up surfaces (such as nightstands) for personal or decorative objects – which makes them highly functional, convenient, and space-saving, especially for those who live in condos. These types of lighting can also pack a huge design punch, with many unique statement designs available.

Curvy, Wavy Décor

This trend has been around for a while and it’s not going anywhere just yet. Wavy décor, arches, rounded shapes, and softer, curvy lines are here to stay. This design trend creates spaces that are cozy and organic. Whether it’s an oblong mirror, architectural details, mushroom lighting, or curvy cabinets, credenzas, or nightstands, embrace the wave!

Which 2023 design trends are you most excited about, and do you plan to incorporate any into your home? Connect with BAZIS on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and let us know!