How 1 Yorkville will create a vibrant urban experience

February 28th, 2014


Now that we’ve released all the renderings for 1 Yorkville and talked about the 3 level amenity spaces, it’s time to delve into the details for what we and the talented NAK Design Group have planned for the for the landscape space.

One of the biggest challenges we’re facing with 1 Yorkville is that the site is within a large block that does not look like the Yorkville we all know west of Bay Street. That area has many mews and narrow passages lined with shops and cafes. We are working with the architect and city planning staff to contribute towards making this block more porous and pedestrian friendly. We are initiating the first step towards making this large block more porous by introducing a comfortable and animated publically accessible walkway and laneway within the site, providing a potential connection to Cumberland Street in the future.


The existing 3.5m laneway on the west side of the site has been widened to over 13 m allowing for a wider laneway and an ample walkway lined with trees, lighting and seating. Granite stone paving will be used throughout the laneway, sidewalks and walkway areas.

Another unique and exciting aspect of this site is that the heritage designated buildings along Yonge Street will be preserved. The character of these wonderful 3 storey facades will be retained and the fine grain articulation and detail will provide a striking contrast to the contemporary expression of the new building.

We are also improving the sidewalk along Yonge Street. Currently this portion of Yonge Street has trees in raised planters which squeeze the sidewalks and cause disruptions to the pedestrian flow along this stretch. We are redesigning the sidewalk and will be introducing trees planted at grade creating a more improved walking area.

Notwithstanding the limited space, the improvements to the pedestrian realm within the surrounding streets and laneways are very important contributions towards creating a vibrant urban experience!