The fate of McDonald’s at 192 Bloor St. W

January 21st, 2013

Over the past few weeks, there’s been a lot of speculation about the fate of the McDonald’s at 192a Bloor St. W., just across from the Royal Ontario Museum. Many Torontonians are concerned that the McDonalds is being permanently torn down.

Well fret not Toronto. While the McDonald’s outlet is indeed being demolished to make way for the construction of Exhibit Residences, it will be back and will look better than ever.

As part of our agreement with McDonald’s, a new restaurant will be redesigned and rebuilt on the ground floor of Exhibit. The new McDonald’s will get a sleek, European-style makeover. Think McDonald’s in Vienna, Prague, London and Paris.

According to our architect Rosario Varacalli, “McDonald’s will be returned to the neighborhood. It will be redesigned as an urban, sophisticated, gathering place, which will be not only about food and convenience but will also be one of ambiance with its ‘reinterpreted’ finishes, furniture, signage and facade.”

So there you have it Toronto, the McDonald’s at 192a Bloor St. W. will be back and better than ever!