Exhibit July construction photos

July 29th, 2013

Exhibit Toronto Condos: July

Last week the spotlight was on our new Toronto condos in Yorkville, but we haven’t forgotten about our other Yorkville project Exhibit.

Currently, the shoring is 35 % complete with the east and south walls now complete.

The structural caisson is 35% complete with approximately 20 caissons have been installed.

Here are a few photos we took of the site this month.

Exhibit Toronto Condos: July 2013

Exhibit Toronto Condos: 2013

Toronto Condos Construction: Exhibit 2013

We’d also like to say congratulations to the newly married couple who stopped by to take some wedding photos in front of the Exhibit construction site! They purchased a unit at Exhibit and are eagerly anticipating their move in date.

Exhibit Toronto Condos, Bazis Inc, July 2013

Exhibit Toronto Condos July 2013, Bazis