Global Leadership Built on Experience

Bazis International creates architectural icons that are landmarks of design and workmanship. The company has an international reputation, integrating global and local perspectives and articulating skylines with unique and innovative design.

Bazis has a number of projects underway in Toronto including Crystal Blu and the spectacularly successful 1 Bloor. While the company brings a cosmopolitan flavour to all its developments, it is also known for a deep commitment to quality and customer service. Bazis has built a sterling reputation on the credo that only the best is good enough.


Competence. Integrity. Vision. Responsibility

Constantly surpassing industry standards, the company believes that perfection is the only acceptable standard in the construction industry. Bazis has built quite an impressive inventory of successfully completed developments, including residential communities, government buildings, shopping malls and entertainment venues. Our vision is simple: to create monuments of lasting quality and timeless value.

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