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Update on 1 Yorkville

Apr 20, 2017 ♦

1 Yorkville is well on its way to being the most famous address in Toronto. Construction of this new luxury condominium is on track with the formation of the P1 underground garage.   With its enviable location, close proximity to world-class shopping, dining and other desirable amenities, 1 Yorkville provides a lifestyle experience equalled only […]

Real Estate Forecast for 2017

Feb 02, 2017 ♦

2016 proved to be another record setting year in the real estate market with particular sales growth being experienced for condominium apartments followed by detached homes.

Where to Find the Perfect Hostess Gifts

Dec 19, 2016 ♦

The holiday season is packed full with events. Whether it’s an office party, a festive brunch, or a holiday dinner, your calendar is probably booked solid with seasonal events. Being a guest at one of these events is a nice position to be in. You don’t have to worry about the guest list, or the meal […]

Everything You Need to Know About NYE at the ROM

Dec 07, 2016 ♦

The holiday season is peppered with all kinds of seasonal events, but none are quite as significant as New Year’s Eve. NYE is a complicated occasion that is often faced with varied opinions. For some, they absolutely can’t wait until the end of the year arrives and they can toast the previous and next 365 […]

What’s Coming Up at the Royal Conservatory of Music

Nov 08, 2016 ♦

Toronto is home to all kinds of musical talent. Whether it’s individual musicians, or orchestras, the city is bursting with bright talent. We’re also home to the Royal Conservatory of Music, one of the largest and renowned musical education institutes in the world. Not only does the conservatory offer the best in music education, with […]

How to do Nuit Blanche 2016 Right

Sep 20, 2016 ♦

On October 1st, art-loving Torontonians will enjoy a sleepless night. Not because of bad dreams, or because they have too much on their minds, but because it will be Nuit Blanche. Since 2006, the award-winning, city-wide event has been turning our city into a creative playground from sunset to sunrise. This free event places contemporary […]

5 Best Coffee Shops Around Yonge and Eg

Aug 17, 2016 ♦
Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.04.36 PM

Coffee is a must for many people starting their day and also for fuelling them throughout. If you need some caffeine in your veins and share an appreciation for a good cup of joe then you know how sweet it is to find a cafe that serves up some great quality coffee. Toronto has a […]

Taste Toronto: The Best in Interior Design

Jul 11, 2016 ♦

If there’s one thing that Torontonians can brag about, it’s the number of amazing restaurants there are in our city. Not only do we boast six of the top 10 best restaurants in the country in terms of delicious dishes, but many of our favourite spots have paid extra special attention to the space in which we […]

Visiting Toronto’s Past: The History of Casa Loma

May 12, 2016 ♦
Wallace-Emerson/Bathurst-St.Clair. - 1975-1988

Toronto’s cityscape is full of history – but most of you likely already knew that! Thanks to the good people at Heritage Toronto, preserving old buildings and landmarks throughout the city has become a priority here, which is awesome. One of the most famous landmarks in Toronto actually isn’t too far from our project, 1 […]

Take a Look Back at Yorkville Through the Years

Mar 11, 2016 ♦
District, Yorkville. - [ca. 1988]

One of our favourite areas in the city has got to be Yorkville. With a few of our own developments nearby, we’re happy to be a part of this neighbourhood that, like many other parts of Toronto, is rich with history. We dove back into the city archives to take a look at how things […]