Murder at the ROM

August 7th, 2014


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: one of the best things about our future project 1 Yorkville is that it’s so close to the Royal Ontario Museum. We like to check out its many exhibitions, wander aimlessly for hours admiring the different jewels, artefacts and treasures from all around the world, and attend the many events! There’s the much-talked about Friday Night Live, when the ROM turns into a late-night party with fun, food and great music, and then there’s the Urban Capers’ Murder at the ROM.

The scene: a curator’s been murdered and all he’s left behind is a series of clues that will help you figure out who committed the crime. With a few other amateur sleuths (you can sign up with a team when you buy your tickets), you’ll go through the ROM and its many collections and exhibitions trying to solve all the clues. It’s not a good murder mystery without some juicy drama and you’ll have plenty of it – think greed, lust, revenge …


Did that grab your attention? Does it make you want to dig out your magnifying glass and fingerprinting set? We thought it would! The Murder at the ROM scavenger hunt is hosted and planned by the mystery-loving Urban Capers. You must buy tickets in advance. Your ticket includes admission to the Royal Ontario Museum.