Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous: Celebrity Cribs

May 8th, 2014


Last week we took a look at all the cool concierge services you can get at 1 Yorkville including Petcare, Housekeeping, interior decorating and grocery shopping delivery. Add our awesome amenities to the list, and there’s no denying that you can pretty much live like a celebrity at 1 Yorkville. So on that note, let’s take a few minutes and look at celebrity “cribs” from all around the world and take a peek at how the stars live.

Yorkville used to be home to Canadian rapper and recording artist, Drake. He sold his posh condo for $3.75 million (below the asking price of $4.2 million) last October, just days before his 27th birthday.

His three-bedroom dwelling was on the 22nd floor of a high-rise condo building on St. Thomas Street and boasted three bathrooms and a pair of heated balconies, and included two parking spots and a private ensuite elevator. His building also includes a pool, sauna, gym and access to valet parking, Surprisingly though, Drake’s home is more subdued than we thought. We thought he’d be living larger than that.

Screen-Shot-2013-06-28-at-11.17.49-AM-1024x641Image via BuzzBuzzHome

Our 1 Yorkville and Exhibit residents can look forward to bumping into Mark Wahlberg in the neighbourhood. The actor bought a one-of-a-kind $12M Yorkville penthouse at 36 Hazleton Avenue, a few years back in 2011. The 4,600-square-foot suite occupies the entire seventh floor and gives him a 360-degree look over Toronto. It also includes two levels of private outdoor space. The seven-storey condo boasts an exclusive wine tasting room and a dog washing station.

Here’s a rendering of a suite at 36 Hazleton:

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 5.21.07 PM

As much as we love celebrities and their glam lives, we can’t help but love it when they’re extremely down-to-earth in terms of decor. Take Julianna Margulies’s beautiful Manhattan home. Her loftlike home was created by combining two available units together, and she purchased it over a decade ago when it was still under construction. She worked with designer Vicente Wolf to create a lovely home that’s modern with touches of Asian-inspired design.

rs_560x427-140109151541-1024.architectural-digest-julianna-margulies-inside2-011914Image via William Abranowicz for Architectural Digest

There’s so much more where that came from. There’s Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s $11M mansion with a full hair and makeup salon (obviously); and Victoria and David Beckham’s “Beckingham Palace” that had a professionally tended soccer field and a maze for the children; let’s be serious – celebrities sure know how to live in style, that’s for sure, but they tend to be a bit on the weird side. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio dropped $10 million on a new NYC apartment that will come with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, vitamin-C infused showers (!!!), purified air and water, “posture-supportive heat reflexology flooring” and a handful of other semi-crazy, yet totally cool features.

ba34a3ce335e62f703e39226e5a07c49Image via Huffington Post Pinterest

What would be your crazy home feature if you had the choice? An indoor swimming pool? A private elevator? Share with us your dream home renovation below!